jQuery Mobile - Textinput Widget

The <input> tag is used to declare an input element, a control that allows the user to input data.

Following table demonstrates the types of textinput widget in detail.

Sr.No. Type & Description
1 Text and Textarea

Text and textarea allows the user to input text for single and multiple line.

2 Search

Search input type helps the user to find something from a particular page.

3 Number

Number type input allows the user to input number type character in the block.

4 Date, Month and Week

It allows the user to input date, month, and week.

5 Time and Color

Allows to input the time and select color from the displayed box.

6 Telephone and Email

tel type input allows the user to input the telephone number.

7 URL and Password

The url is used to define the absolute url's.

8 Datetime

datetime type attribute in input defines the date and time control.

9 File

The file type attribute allows the users to upload files to the server of MIME type.

10 Mini

Include attribute data-mini = "true" for creating a mini version textinput.

11 Placeholder

Placeholder specifies a short hint that describes the expected value.

12 Value and Text

value = "" attribute in input provides an initial value inside the control.

13 Label Hidden

ui-hidden-accessible class is used to hide the the label.

14 Disabled

Attribute disabled = "disabled" is used to disable the input control.

15 Enhanced

data-enhanced = "true" attribute in the input field allows to enhance the input.

16 Fieldcontain

ui-field-contain class is used to wrap the label and input.

17 Fieldcontain, mini size

The wrapped label and input are created in mini version using the atrribute data-mini = "true".

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