How to Report MySQL Bugs or Problems

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What is a bug?

A bug is something that results in the program stalling or halting abruptly. This results in anomalies and causes complications, resulting in the task not getting complete. MySQL helps resolve these bugs, once they are reported.

Some bugs have fixes since they would have been previously reported, and fixes would have been provided.


Before posting a bug report, it is important to verify that the bug hasn’t been reported already. For this purpose, look for the problem in the MySQL manual at The manual is always updated with solutions to newly found issues.

If there is a parsing error for an SQL statement, it is important to check the syntax of the statement properly. Sometimes, the version of MySQL currently in use may not support the syntax being used.

Report Bugs

The bugs can be reported at It is a public database that can be searched for by anyone. New reports can also be entered once a user logs into the system. Bugs posted in the database are corrected, and given a release. A release notes is provided alongside.

Report a Security Bug

If a security bug is found in the MySQL server, it is highly suggested to send an email.

Preferable Bug Report

A good bug report is the one that contains a full test case for the bug that would help fix it during the next release.  It is preferred to write the problem using the latest production or development version of the MySQL server.

Any user should be able to repeat the bug by using mysql test < script_file on the test case or by running a shell or Perl script that should be included in the bug report. It is highly suggested to provide a detailed description of the problem in the bug report. This includes describing the example that led to the problem, and the problem itself. If you are doubtful about something, it is suggested to mention the same. 

Don’t forget to include the version number that is causing the bug, the platform in which MySQL server has been installed (this includes the type of platform and the version number). 

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