How to Prevent Your Website from Hackers?

Is your Website Secure?

A website traffic might be protected, but it doesn’t mean that the website is secure. It could be hacked at any moment. Similarly, you might also think that your site has nothing worth being hacked for. However, you could even be hit by ransomware.

The security breaches have nothing to do with your personal data or your website layout, but they could use your server as an email generator for spam or set up a temporary webserver of illegal nature. At the present time, hackers might use your server as a part of a botnet and for Bitcoin mining.

By following the below mentioned steps in short one can easily know if the website is safe −

  • Check the SSL certificate as it adds a layer of defense against information travelling from server to server.

  • Make sure you always double-check the URL of the site they want to enter.

  • Search and review the site’s privacy policy before handing over your information.

  • Analyze the website design to match the intended company’s branding.

  • Verify the owner of a website.

  • Presence of contact information in a website proves it is real.

  • Look for reviews about the website; whether it is good or bad doesn’t matter at times. Its presence proves that website is real.

How to Prevent Websites from Hacking?

Every problem comes with a solution. There are numerous ways in which one can minimize the vulnerability of a website getting hacked.

Following are some of the ways to protect website from hacking −

Ensure to Update Software

Always ensure that software is up to date on a regular basis as it helps your site get one step closer to being more secure. It has been observed that over 90% of hacks occur because of the vulnerability of software online.

Attention to Software Glitch

Software is a piece of code that will have some bugs. Out of these bugs, some are harmless but can cause a minor glitch while updating and others can lead to vulnerability to exploitation. Therefore, it is best to keep everything always updated.

Proper Passwords

Every website demands complex passwords using uppercase letters and numbers to protect their security and protect the information in the long run.

Keep Backups

It is always advisable to take your backups from time to time.

Provide Minimal Information

You should always ensure to provide minimal information over the Internet or online, so as to make it difficult for complex cyberattacks. You should only provide details that are less useful to the hackers.

Careful While Uploading Files

By allowing users to upload files to various websites might look harmless to one’s eyes, however, it could lead to huge security risks not only to you but also to other people viewing your content. Therefore, check the website and its requirement processes carefully before uploading any file on the website.

Customize Settings

Attackers can also change your page content or steal your information. They may submit comments or steal your login cookie. They could even take control of every user who views or comments on your site. So, better customize your settings about restricting physical access to your server. So, it becomes extremely important to not disclose the vulnerability publicly.

Make Use of Software

Another protocol is to take help from the software specially designed for these purposes. You can also opt for options that are available free of cost.

For example, use HTTPS, implement 2FA (two-factor authentication), or CSS (cross-site scripting) to provide security over the internet.

Get free website security tools like Netsparker, Open VAS,, Fiddler, SQL injection, and many others.

Limit the Number of Logins

Another way is to limit the number of log-in attempts to your IP address. This will block brute force bots and attackers. And, while accepting a file upload through your site, take measurable precautions.

Install Reputed Plugins

Ensure to install a plugin or theme developed by a reputed developer and brand rather developed by freelancers that are unknown. Do not just opt for the marketplace but also make sure you that the developer is worst worthy.