How to Get Fare Estimates for Uber Taxi’s on Twitter?

Uber is a private car hire service which is one of the most taxi popular provider which presently operates in more than 500 cities worldwide. Everyone who wishes to use uber Taxi service is usually interested to know about how much will be the cost if they hire Uber taxi from one point to another. That’s simple, all you require to do is, type the command as <> to <> send it to @WhatTheFare and the bot would help you know approximately how much would be the fare in a minute or less.

What is the Advantage?

The bot, @WhatTheFare not only helps in estimating the cost of your Uber trip but also helps you know varied types of Uber taxi’s which are available on a particular route. Everyone can use this bot to know the estimate fare for trips for any part of the world, where Uber offer its services.

Uber Prices in the Currency of Pickup/Drop-Off Address

The bot response includes a deep-link to mobile website of uber and it would lead to pickup/drop-off coordinates when customers decide to book a ride with Uber. The users can use the bot, from any part of the world, but one should remember that Uber prices are provided in the currency of Pickup/drop-off address.

The Uber bot is no less than an assistant, it can be written with Google Scripts. It does use the Google Maps API to geocode postal addresses, present in your tweet request, it fetches the list of Uber taxis, which are available for that route via the official Uber API and then tweets the response using the Twitter API. The Taxi icons present in the tweet are standard Unicode emoji’s supported by Twitter.

New to Uber Rider?

If you are a new Uber rider, then get a first ride free up to $20 depending on your city. After Uber login, you can use the Uber promo code.

UberX vs Uber Taxi

UberX is the most basic private car, whereas Uber Taxi is a local licensed taxi cab which is connected to Uber’s service. While using the Uber X, you need to pay cash to the Taxi driver and for Uber Taxi, you can pay using your credit card instead, thus enjoying the ease of cashless payment.

Cheapest Uber Cities

All those who are interested in saving their money, look for the cheapest Uber cities list for a great overview as to which cities have cheap Uber fare prices across the world. Also, if you care much about your reputation and wish to see your Uber passenger rating, then you can now see it within the app.

Uber Passenger Rating

Almost all users love to see as to how they perform in rating the system of Uber. This service was recently started this year in March, with the assistance of Uber help desk which you can find the link and get to know your rating.

Uber Rating Guide

  • First, open the Uber app and then tap on “Menu”
  • Next click on “Help” and scroll down
  • Tap on Account & scroll more down
  • Tap, “ wish to know rating of mine“ now
  • Find your uber rating.

Uber City Rates

All those, who are interested to check the available prices in your city. Then you can find the uber fare prices in each city by the city link in each fare estimate. In countries like US, you will find an extra service charge on your receipt, referred as Uber booking fee and commonly known as Safe Ride fee.

Expensive Uber Cities

In case if you are also looking out for a classy ride, then you might be also looking out for most expensive uber cities list so that you can spend a bit more to have a better car. Another good news is, you can also buy Uber gift cards for your family members and friends.

Why you should Schedule Uber in Advance?

Officially you cannot book Uber in advance, even though many would like to book Uber taxi in advance. Uber is working solely on demand by displaying the information about real time availability of cars around your area. Uber support advices the customers to book uber car ride in good time than hurry so that they can avoid getting delayed for meetings. If your city is included in the world worst traffic, then it is better to book the Uber car in good time to avoid unnecessary stress.

Can We Tip the Uber Driver?

The answer is no, as Uber offer’s cashless experience and does not require cash when they ride with Uber. The customer’s credit card would automatically be charged once you reach the destination. But in the end, it is up to you to decide if you wish to tip the Uber driver for offering superior taxi service.

Uber Black Cars

Uberblack is famous for its stylish service; it acts as your private driver, professional and well dressed. The cars are well selected to offer you great comfort. Each Uber city has different requirements for their Uber Black cars as well as drivers to guarantee you a good and safe ride.

Uber Pro Tips

Try to describe exactly, as to where the Uber Black driver must pick up and your destination point to avoid any misunderstanding. Especially, when GPS can be wrong due to bad phone signal.

Lyft Vs Uber

Lyft, U.S. based ridesharing competitor to Uber which has user base in more than 62 cities in the US. The Lyft estimate calculator can provide accurate fare estimates, without any app login. You can also compare Lyft vs Uber fare prices.

Uber Phone Number

Many people wish to get an Uber phone number so that they can avail the service on mere one phone call. Unfortunately, there is none, fastest and easy way to reach Uber is only through Uber app. But, in case if you prefer to get support through email, contact Uber customer service online and get your query solved.

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