Suggest some good usernames for my twitter handle.

Twitter is one of the most used online news and social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets. It is very important to have a catchy username for your twitter account which is called the Twitter Handle, to attract more people to follow you. Your username becomes your Twitter handle, prefixed by @ in front of the word.

It will be very difficult to get twitter usernames exactly as your given name. You can add some prefixes to get your required usernames. Here are some ideas to create some good usernames.

  • Use "The" before the username. Ex. @thekiranbedi, @TheMandyMoore
  • Use "nameis" before the username. Ex. @nameisnani, @nameisjosephine
  • Use "ask" before the username. Ex.@askprasanna, @askdotcom
  • Use "I am" before the username. Ex.@iamsrk, @IAmViratKohali
  • Use "Try","Use","get","join","real" before the username. Ex.@tryghost, @usebitcoincash, @getnickwright, @joinniche, @realdonaldtrump.
  • Domain or business names. Ex.@caterpillarInc, @namedotcom

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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