How to Generate Random Dates Quickly in Excel?

Random data is a type of data generated randomly. For this article, the focus is to generate random date. Random data can be either created in between a specified range or can be generated abstractly to demonstrate some data to the user. In this article, two examples are used to demonstrate the method by using which user can easily generate random dates between the two specified dates. The first example focuses on the use of formula by using the RANDBETWEEN() method, and the second example focuses on the use of KuTool.

To Show you Some Examples

Example 1

Step 1

To understand the process of generating a random number. Let’s create a sample excel sheet with beginning and ending dates. Both these dates are used as a range and the newly generated random date should lie between these two dates.

Step 2

Go to the D2 cell, and type the formula “=RANDBETWEEN(B2,C2)”.

Explanation for RANDBETWEEN Method

It is a predefined method available in the MS excel. It allow user to create a random data value from the specified range. It can accept data in two ways, either user can directly pass the date values, by writing it inside the formula bracket or simply provide cell reference as done in the provided example.

Step 3

After typing the formula. Press “Enter” key. This will print a random date between the provided data range. Consider below depicted image to understand the generated results:

Step 4

Go to the D2, cell and drag the right bottom corner of the cell to the D5 row. This step will allow excel to same formula, as specified in the D2 cell with different row value.

Example 2

Step 1

To understand this method, consider a blank worksheet and select any empty cell to print the generated random date.

Step 2

To generate the random date. Go to the Kutool tab and Select Editing option. Inside the “Editing” option, click on Insert Random Data.

Step 3

The above step will open the Insert Random Data dialog box. This dialog box allow user to enter two inputs. These inputs are basically range.

Step 4

Since, this task is based on generating date. So, user need to select the Date tab. Doing this will automatically convert the input section to “date” type.

Step 5

This will change the input type to “Date”.

Step 6

Select starting and end date to generate the random data. By clicking on the drop-down arrow as shown in below image.

Step 7

Select both dates and click on OK.

Step 8

This will display a random date from the specified range to the worksheet. Consider below depicted image:


This article provides two simple examples to generate random date. Random data is important to understand the pattern and it also allow the user to study different type of data.

First method, is based on the use of available function, and second strategy allow user to use the KuTool extension, to generate the random date.

Updated on: 22-Aug-2023

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