Have you ever tried to cook something that ended up a disaster?

This has happened when I was in my Senior Intermediate (plus 2). My parents had to attend a wedding. I could not go with them as I had a test the next day and wanted to study.

My mom was in a hurry as they were already getting late. She could not cook anything for me. She said, "Shall I order something for you on Swiggy". I was not in a mood to eat anything. I said "I will make Maggi for myself, don't worry about me. You go".

I have not prepared Maggi till that time. I bet even a small child can do it. But, I never had to cook for myself. I saw the instructions on the pack and put one glass of water in a bowl and put the Maggi and masala in that and put a lid on that. I went into the drawing-room thinking that I will watch something on TV until it is done. There was Filmfare awards show on TV that night, and I forgot the time and Maggi.

Maybe, after half an hour, I smelt something burning and ran into the kitchen. The water from the bowl has come out and spread over the stove and Maggi was burnt in the bowl.

I admit, I acted stupid and could not cook even Maggi. Now, I am married with one kid and I can prepare a three-course meal. Necessity teaches you everything !!!

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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