Grav - Server Error


Server error occurs due to misconfiguration of Grav. When server has encountered an internal error or something happened unexpectedly, then Grav is unable to serve and recover the page.

If the server is running in production mode, to hide the information from the user, a server error message occurs. All the error messages are logged in Grav.log file present under the folder <your_folder_name>/logs/Grav.log.

Following are some of the reasons that may cause server error −

  • Out-of-date configuration
  • Incorrect file permission
  • Invalid formatted configuration files
  • Changes in file system not known to the Grav

Out-of-date configuration

You can flush the cache to check whether the configuration is up to-date or not. Use the following command to flush the cache.

bin/Grav clear-cache

Installation and configuration issues

The issues for installation and configuration are −

  • Configuration Issues
  • Installation Issues
  • System Requirement
  • File Permissions

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