Grav - Admin Dashboard

In this chapter, we will study about the Administrative Panel Dashboard in Grav. The Dashboard acts as a nerve center of information for the Grav Administration Panel plugin. You can inspect the traffic statistics, create new backups, Grav updates, maintenance information, view the latest page updates and you can clear the Grav's cache with the help of this single page.

Step 1 − You can specify the permissions to the user and alter the content of the Dashboard as per the demand. The screen of the dashboard will somewhat be like the following screenshot.

grav dashboard

Step 2 − You will now see the features of Cache and Updates Checking in dashboard.

grav dashboard

You will see two tabs on the top of the Dashboard menu.

  • Clear cache
  • Check for updates

Clear cache

It specifies to delete all the cache content, including the cache of images, and assets.

You can see more features in the dropdown menu as mentioned below.

  • All cache − It specifies to delete all cache

  • Assets only − It specifies to delete cache only of assets.

  • Images only − It specifies to delete cache only of images.

  • Cache only − It defines to delete only cache.

Check for updates

This tab specifies to check updates for your site. You will receive a notification on the Dashboard, if new updates are available. You will receive updates for supported plugins, themes and even for Grav.

Maintenance and Statistics

This portion allows you to know the important information about your site.


This section provides you a percentage graph for Grav features that are completely up-to-date. You will see the notification of a required update, above the Maintenance and Statistics section.

  • Update − An Update button will appear as soon as a new update is available. Next, you can click it and update your plugins and themes. You will see the Update Grav Now button in the notification bar, that updates your Grav's core section.

  • Backup − In this part, you can see the graph that shows you since how long you have not backed up your site. This can be executed by generating and downloading a zip file, save it as a backup for your site's data.


It displays a simple and a quick look graph of the visitors traffic on your site, that was received in the past day, week and month. It shows the bar graph separated into days of the week.

Step 3 − Next, you will see the detail information of Latest Page Updates as shown below.

grav dashboard

This section allows you to know more about the latest modified content of your pages in the Grav site. Next, each time you refresh the page, it will generate the recently updated list for you.

You can click on title of a page from the list; which will redirect you to the page editor in the admin section.

The Manage Pages button redirects you to the pages of the administrative panel.

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