Grav - Configuration Site


In this chapter, we will study about how to Configure Site in Grav's Administration Panel. You can directly configure the settings of your site's System with the help of the Configuration page. TheSite tab allows you to modify the settings in the /user/config/system.yaml file. This tab allows you to modify the options and the fields that affect site related features such as the name, default author etc. used in your site.

Following are the different configuration settings that you can see in the Site tab.


In this area, you can set the basic properties to manage the content for your site. Here, you can set several content display options such as the home page, default theme and many others.

grav configuration site
  • Site Title − This specifies the title for your site.

  • Default Author − This specifies a default author name that is used in themes or page content.

  • Default Email − This specifies a default email in themes or pages.

  • Taxonomy Types − This specifies the taxonomy types that you use in pages.

Page Summary

A page summary has the ability to present you a small preview of a page's content. You can define a "cut off" point in the page, between the summary content with the help of delimiter.

grav configuration site
  • Enabled − This specifies if the page summary is enabled.

  • Summary Size − This defines the number of characters to be used as content summary in the page.

  • FormatShort uses the first occurrence of delimiter, Long ignores summary delimiter.

  • Delimiter − This specifies the summary delimiter. Default value is default '==='. You can use this in the page summary and post this after opening a paragraph.


Metadata plays an important role in the pages and improves your SEO. You can set several metadata properties here, so that your links can appear in several search engines and social feeds as per the demand.

grav configuration site

This specifies the default metadata value, later you can make the modifications.

Redirects and Routes

This allows you to set redirects and routes to other pages of your site.

grav configuration site
  • Custom Redirects − This defines routes to direct to other pages. The replacement of standard regex is valid.

  • Custom Routes − Routes to alias to other pages. The replacement of standard regex is valid.