Grav - Page Editor Advanced


The Page editor is a text editor and manages the pages also; this allows you to create content including the media files, publishing and taxonomy options, settings and theme specific options. The following screenshot shows the Advanced tab of the editor page.

Grav Page Editor Advanced

The Advanced tab contains three sections −

  • Settings

  • Ordering

  • Overrides


The Settings section deals with the various options of the page. Here you can set the template for the page, set page's parent, change the folder name where the page is placed in.

Grav Page Editor Advanced

Following fields are present in the settings section −

  • Folder Numeric Prefix − Number is set to provide manual ordering.

  • Folder Name − Enter the folder name where your pages are located.

  • Parent − Set root for your pages or few pages appears as subpages.

  • Page File − Set the theme template to the page to be displayed.

  • Body Classes − Enter the class name that is applied on the body of the page.


This section is to set the non-numbered folders in a particular order.

Grav Page Editor Advanced

Press and hold on the four-pronged-arrow and move it to the position to rearrange your pages in a particular order.


Overrides options give extra functionality to the page such as caching, navigations visibility, setting slug to something other than the default one which is set based on the folder name.

Grav Page Editor Advanced

Following fields are present in the Overrides section.

  • Menu − Sets the name to be used as menu. If nothing is set than Title will be used.

  • Slug − Page's portion of the URL can be set by this slug variable.

  • Page redirect − Sets a page URL to redirect it to a different URL.

  • Process − Process that you wish to make available in the page content.

  • Default Child Type − For the child pages, the page type is set as default.

  • Routable − Sets the page accordingly to check whether it is reachable by the URL or not.

  • Caching − Sets the caching for the page.

  • Visible − Specifies whether the page is visible in the navigation.

  • Display Template − Sets the template to the page to be displayed.