ggplot2 - Installation of R

R packages come with various capabilities like analyzing statistical information or getting in depth research of geospatial data or simple we can create basic reports.

Packages of R can be defined as R functions, data and compiled code in a well-defined format. The folder or directory where the packages are stored is called the library.

Installation of R

As visible in the above figure, libPaths() is the function which displays you the library which is located, and the function library shows the packages which are saved in the library.

R includes number of functions which manipulates the packages. We will focus on three major functions which is primarily used, they are −

  • Installing Package
  • Loading a Package
  • Learning about Package

The syntax with function for installing a package in R is −


The simple demonstration of installing a package is visible below. Consider we need to install package “ggplot2” which is data visualization library, the following syntax is used −

Demonstration Of Installing

To load the particular package, we need to follow the below mentioned syntax −


The same applies for ggplot2 as mentioned below −


The output is depicted in snapshot below −

Snapshot of Output

To understand the need of required package and basic functionality, R provides help function which gives the complete detail of package which is installed.

The complete syntax is mentioned below −

R Documentation
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