Gerrit - Add SSH Key to your Gerrit Account



In Gerrit, anyone can login as an user, as Gerrit is set to development mode. The SSH key can be added to the Gerrit by using the below points −

First navigate to the link, which displays the screen as shown below −

Gerrit Add SSH Key 1

Next, click on sign in link at the top right corner.

Gerrit Add SSH Key

Click on a name or number to login automatically in Gerrit.

Gerrit Add SSH Key 2

Now click on any name or number (we have clicked on jenkins user name) and you should now be logged in as shown in the below image −

Gerrit Add SSH Key 3

Next, at the top right corner, click on your username and select the Settings option.

Gerrit Add SSH Key 4

Click on the "SSH Keys" option on the left side menu and paste the SSH key in the highlighted field as shown below −

Gerrit Add SSH Key 5