Free Digital Marketing Courses You Didn't Know Existed

In today's age of technology, the demand for digital marketers is at an all-time high. Therefore, there has never been a better moment to sharpen your skills. So, why not take a step ahead to level up your digital marketing skills in the upcoming year?

Are you putting yourself off because of the cost of these courses? Don’t worry. There are many high-quality, free courses available in digital marketing that address a variety of topics. Ranging from social media to content marketing, there's no doubt that these courses can provide you with in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. If you're new to digital marketing, it's a good idea to brush up on the fundamentals before diving into specific platforms.

Top Digital Marketing Courses for Free

Here are some of the best free courses for you to propel your career as a digital marketer −

CareerFoundry Digital Marketing Course

CareerFoundry is renowned for its prestigious mentors and instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and graduates who have a firm grasp of the material covered in the course. This five-day, self-paced course is jampacked with tips on conducting marketing research, basic marketing analytics to support strategies, and practical activities. This free digital marketing training is for beginners. As an aspiring digital marketer, you will get exposure to real and relevant topics that experts deal with on a regular basis.

Course Duration − Within the 7-month program, you can study at your own pace while putting in at least 15 hours a week of work. You'll receive support from your instructor, mentor, and career expert to keep on track and be responsible.

Suitable For − This course is best suited for account managers, UI/UX designers, content marketers, or anyone who wants to pursue a career in the digital marketing industry.

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EdX Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course on EdX is a great choice if you want to fully grasp digital marketing. This self-paced video course, which is a component of the University of Maryland's Digital Marketing Professional Certificate program and is instructed by some of their respected marketing professors, provides top-notch training in marketing strategies, concepts, and principles. Omnichannel marketing, the marketing mix, mobile marketing, attribution, multi-sided platforms, and other subjects are covered in the course. While the paid version has unlimited access, you will only have one month's worth of access if you opt to audit.

Course Duration − According to EdX, it will take you four weeks to finish the course if you spend 3–5 hours per week.

Suitable For − From entrepreneurs, analysts, digital marketing company owners, and customers to investors, and marketing professionals, this course is suitable for all to benefit from.

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Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

A Google course is always a good choice! In addition to covering all the essential information, such as organic search, paid search, and analytics, its extensive training programs also delve into other general components of digital marketing. There are movies, quiz questions, and critical information highlights in each module. Topics covered include the planning of a digital strategy for businesses, creating an online presence, and monitoring as well as analyzing web traffic. Though it is intended for beginners, expert marketers may also be amazed at the fresh insights that the course includes.

Course Duration − The twenty-six modules of the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course would take you about 40 hours to complete.

Suitable For − This course is mainly for beginners. Additionally, taking this course can help you find a new job, hone your skills, and even skyrocket your career as a digital marketer by boosting the credibility of your resume.

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Email Marketing with Sendinblue Academy

An email has been in existence for 50 years. However, it wasn't until the nineties that it truly took off. For every dollar invested, email marketing usually generates a return of $36. In essence, one can get 36 times their investment of one dollar. Thus, it continues to be one of the most effective marketing channels in use today. Because of this, smart digital marketers must understand how to conduct successful campaigns for email marketing. The email marketing course from Sendinblue Academy will assist you with this. Participants must complete a course that consists of eight modules along with 63 videos and 62 questions to gauge their understanding of the vocabulary and ideas. They can also have access to four e-books to flesh out their knowledge in order to receive the official certification. You will learn about email deliverability, A/B testing, segmentation, and even GDPR in this email marketing crash course. Even techniques for developing a customer base and ways to improve KPIs like open rate and click-through rate are covered. Simply put, it just can't be matched for a free email marketing course.

Course Duration − It will take 4 hours to complete this course.

Suitable For − This comprehensive email marketing certification course, which is intended for both beginners and experienced marketers, involves a pedagogical approach to cover every facet of email marketing.

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Ahrefs Blogging for Business

With the help of the Blogging for business course from Ahrefs, you'll learn to employ the strategies that top tech companies utilize for building your company's credibility, brand awareness, and eventually revenue. In just under five hours, Ahrefs managed to incorporate a wealth of information into its 40 lessons. Its 11 courses address topics including strategies to increase traffic to your blog, analyzing challenges for certain keywords and traffic potential, marketing your content, and so forth. It's essentially your one-stop solution for creating an outstanding blog with top-notch material that will inform readers and eventually persuade them to become paying customers. Additionally, Ahrefs conducts interviews with content specialists to serve you better.

Course Duration − The duration of this lesson is 4h 50m.

Suitable For − This course is specially curated for content marketing specialists, freelance writers, bloggers, and team leaders in digital marketing. This course can revolutionize the way you approach digital marketing if you want to achieve real success in business through your efforts in content marketing.

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The digital marketing sector focuses mostly on useful initiatives and campaigns. That improves its credibility in the internet sphere. As a result, free online digital marketing courses can help you become technologically literate before even starting a career. Online digital courses can assist you in developing key aspects of your online marketing skills. If you want to get the most out of your course, you must update your knowledge and closely adhere to the course materials.