Top Digital Marketing Tools & Automation: Know in Detail

Digital marketing replaces the old school of traditional marketing that followed manual efforts. The reasons include good reach, user-base customers, engagement, and less time consumption. The best part is there are several tools, software, and program that ease the marketing process without the intervention of humans. Read the post to learn about the top digital marketing tools and automation. We will focus on the best tools for digital marketers with human creativity and machine intelligence.

Digital marketing can be controlled through software and programs that help marketers to do the tasks without much interference from the human brain. You only need to know how to use them, and the software and tools are ready to show you the results of your efforts. Later, marketers can channel the marketing and await the results.

In the next part, we will show you the top digital marketing tools and automation so that you can understand their functions and try to use them if you’re a digital marketer or plan to become an online marketer.

The Top Digital Marketing Tools & Automation

Understand the Features

The list we will share here is based on the current trend in digital marketing, and top marketers use these tools to produce outstanding results in their respective domains. Here we go −

Tools & Automation

Main Function

Google Analytics

Analytics Data

Google Ads

Paid Campaigns


Search Engine Optimization & Content Topics

Canva Business

Graphical Presentation


Marketing Management Tool


Customer Relationship Management


Content Management


Email Marketing

Google Analytics

We keep Google Analytics in the first position because the entire marketing runs on the race of how to rank first on Google. Google is a powerful digital marketing tool that marketers can fetch good revenue if they know how to use it. Therefore, Google Analytics data is a treasure hunt for marketers, which can flip the profit and loss scenario during marketing operations.

The Features

  • You can track the traffic on the business website, blogs, and social media company pages.

  • You can create a better landing page based on the analytics report.

  • You'll get real-time updates about the traffic based on demography and the target audience.

  • Google Analytics shows you the business performance metric.

  • Marketers can link up with other tools with analytics to get reports of marketing efforts, strategy, and planning.

  • With the help of Google Analytics data reports, you can create customized reports and dashboards to ease the marketing process.

Google Ads

Google Ads is working perfectly to promote business fastest among the target buyers. Based on the marketing budget, you can use its features and show the efforts to reach the right audience. The AI integration makes the tool super cool and easy to use, ensuring your business's outstanding performance. As digital marketing is based on digitalization, integrated AI technology helps marketers to experiment with new techniques.

The Features

  • You can influence website traffic with Google Ads

  • You can calculate the ROI while using the ads

  • You can better manage the paid campaigns based on age, gender, location, profession, etc

  • Its best features come with Google Agency Account Strategist, where its Beta testing is also provided

  • Google ads also help in displaying advertisement


Ahrefs comes with the facility to develop a strategy for search engine optimization, as it's a great tool to optimize the search engine options for your site or blogs. With the help of Ahrefs, you can check your site's backlinks. The tool is extremely helpful in keyword research.

The Features

Ahrefs offers the following Features −

  • You can optimize the business website, blogs, and other content sites

  • It helps in keywords research and trendy content topics

  • This SaaS tool offers a data index, a customized dashboard, and benchmark reporting

  • You can perform SEO audits and monitoring

  • With Ahrefs, you can build organic search traffic for your traffic

  • It helps in link building

Canva Business

Canva helps you to design your post with images, infographics, and graphical presentations. Social media posts must be attractive graphically to catch millions of eyes, and Canva Business helps marketers to do the same. As visual content greatly impacts digital marketing, you can use Canva to portray the best design with attractive colors, patches, and graphics.

The Features

Canva business offers the following Features:

  • It's a great creative tool for visual content

  • You can design posts with images and infographics

  • You can design a great landing page, infographics for blogs, and several graphical posts for marketing

  • It offers its massive template library to design and create anything you want

  • It offers simple drag-and-drop options to create customized visual content


Semrush offers a one-stop solution in an all-in-one marketing tool that covers all the measures to increase online visibility through various marketing strategies, including content marketing, SEO, advertising, social media management, and market research. Semrush also helps in on-page SEO, competitor analysis, and many more.

The Features

Semrush offers the following Features −

  • It helps in keyword research

  • You can track the rank of your website on Google

  • It helps in content marketing and content planning

  • With Semrush, you can target a local audience

  • It helps in Social media management

  • It helps in monetizing the website


Hubspot is a CRM ( customer relationship management) system and marketing tool that allows the business to manage and optimize the website and blogs. Hubspot provides a great tool for email marketing, analytics, social media management, reporting, etc.

The Features

Hubspot offers the following Features −

  • It offers a great database of leads and customers

  • You can track down the engagement, recent purchase history, detailed sales, and customer support

  • It offers an integrated CRM

  • You can edit the website with Hubspot

  • It helps in content creation and social media management

  • It helps in SEO practice


Trello is a content management tool that helps you with content strategy, planning, and content-sharing options. Trello helps in content organization, scheduling, and management online. You can keep multiple admins operating the tool for the marketing process. Further, Trello helps in marketing campaigns through several digital surfaces.

The Features

The following features you can avail with Trello −

  • It provides the multiple admin access

  • Trello offers the Kanban system

  • You'll get notified of all the marketing activity

  • Its responsive design and attractive dashboard encourage streamlining all the marketing strategy

  • It's a user-friendly tool even for the beginner


Email marketing is a necessary module in digital marketing, and Mailchimp leads this platform. Its automation helps you organize your emails and send millions of contacts within seconds. You can create campaigns, generate traffic to your site, and build a customer base using its social advertising features and templates.

The Features

Mailchimp provides the following advantages −

  • The dashboard is super easy to use, even good for beginners

  • Its AI-powered assistant helps in generating custom design

  • You'll monitor the analytics report of marketing campaigns

  • A personalized email option is available

  • Its marketing automation helps in driving traffic, managing campaigns, increasing conversion, helps in sales

The above-noted tools and automation are market leaders in the digital marketing domain. There are many other tools available in similar niches. Let’s understand the benefits these tools serve in the marketing process.

Benefits of Using Marketing Tools and Automation

Digital tools and software have been invented to reduce human involvement, reduce time consumption, and produce accurate results through complex operations. Let’s figure out in what way these tools bring benefits to your clients’ tables −

  • Tools and automation reduce the time of complex marketing techniques

  • With the help of tools cross- channel marketing campaigns are possible

  • Personalized campaigns attract more leads

  • The dynamic approach in marketing and strategy

  • Effective marketing with high leads and conversion ratio

  • Accurate campaigns results

  • Tools provide analytics reports for effective marketing strategy

  • Automation garners the marketing planning and adds fuel to the campaigns

Concluded Part

Digital marketing is the best campaign to drive leads and increase sales. Tools, automation, and software are the assistants that help marketers to ease the marketing journey. Therefore, with the help of tools and automation, business owners comprise the strategy to manage and control the entire online marketing operations. If you’re a beginner, you can try any of these tools to start your profession as a digital marketer in the most happening domain.

Updated on: 07-Apr-2023


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