Difference between Supercomputer and Mainframe Computer.

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As name suggests both supercomputer and mainframe computer is the most powerful computer that has developed. We can distinguish between both of these computers based on the operations they performed. Below are the main differences between both of these computers.

Sr. No.KeySuper ComputerMainframe Computer
1Basic implementationSupercomputers basically designed to perform large and complex mathematical computations.On other hand mainframe computer are first invented by IBM.
2Invention and introductionSuper computer was first invented by Seymour Cray in the year 1976.super keyword used to call default constructor of the parent class.
3PerformancePerformance of super computer is higher as compare to mainframe computers as supercomputer can execute billions of floating point operations in a second.On other hand performance of mainframe computer is slower as compared to that of super computer as mainframe computers can execute millions of instruction simultaneously.
4Size and layoutSuper computer are the largest and have biggest layout in the world.On other hand mainframe computer as compare to super computer are smaller in size and layout.
5Operating systemThe modern supercomputers have Linux operating system and derivative variants of Linux operating system.On other hand Mainframe computer has the ability to run multiple operating system. simultaneously.
Published on 10-Jan-2020 07:34:03