Difference between MySQL and SQL Server

Both MySQL and SQL Server, both are relational database management systems or RDBMS. MySQL is open source and is free to use whereas SQL Server is licensed product of Microsoft.

Following are the important differences between MySQL and SQL Server.

Sr. No.KeyMySQLSQL Server
1Owned/Developed ByMySQL is owned by Oracle.SQL Server is developed by Microsoft.
2Language supportMySql supports programming languages like C++, Java and has running support for Perl, TCL and Haskel.SQL Server supports programming languages like C++, Java, Ruby, Visual Basic, Delphi, R.
3Storage SpaceMySql needs less amount of operational storage space.SQL Server needs large amount of operational storage space.
4Query CancellationMySql does not support midway query execution cancellation.SQL Server allows canceling query execution midways.
5Back UpMySQL blocks the database while taking the backup.SQL Server does not block the database during backup process.
6CostMySQL is free to use.SQL Server is costly.
7Data File ManipulationData file can be manipulated while running.Data file manipulation is not allowed under security consideration while running.
8Available EditionsMySQL Standard Edition, MySQL Enterprise Edition, and MySQL Cluster Grade Edition.Enterprise, Standard, Web, Workgroup, or Express.

Updated on: 27-Nov-2019

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