Difference between SQL(Structured Query Language) and T-SQL(Transact-SQL).


SQL, Structured Query Language is a non-procedural language and is used by database engines to interpret SQL queries to create/modify/access the database elements.


T-SQL, Transact-SQL, is a procedural extension to SQL, used by SQL Server. It is similar to PL/SQL of Oracle.

Following are the important difference between SQL and T-SQL.

1TypeSQL is non-procedural by nature.T-SQL is procedural by natue.
2MethodsSQL provides data manipulation and controlling functions.With T-SQL, we can write own procedures, functions with local variables.
3ProprietarySQL is open to use and is common across RDBMS softwares.T-SQL is specific to SQL Server and is proprietary.
4Query orderMultiple querires are submitted one by one.Using T-SQL, multiple queries can be submitted in batches.
5FeaturesDDL, DML, DQL operations are provided.Apart from SQL features, transaction controls, exception handlings etc. are provided.

Updated on: 27-Nov-2019


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