Difference between Workstation and Server.

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Workstation is a computer which is used to access LAN or internet to get access to documents or do dedicated work whereas a server is a software which responds to services requested by a client..

Following are the important differences between Workstation and Server.

Sr. No.KeyWorkstationServer
1PurposeA computer to perform required tasks and to access internet or LAN.Server is a software which provides Services when requested by workstations.
2OperationsOperations on workstations are like Business process, engineering etc.Server operations are mostly network or internet based.
3ExampleFTP Server, Web Server.Kiosks, Video workstations, Audio workstations.
4Operating SystemWorkstations are mostly linux, Unix or Window NT based.Servers are normally installed on Linux, Solaris, Unix or Windows.
5GUIOn Workstations, GUI is generally present.On Server, GUI is optional.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 07:39:19