Difference Between T-SQL and PL-SQL

In this post, we will understand the difference between T-SQL and PL-SQL.


  • It is a Microsoft product.

  • It is known as Transact Structure Query language.

  • It gives a high degree of control to the developers/programmers.

  • It works its best, and provides good performance with Microsoft SQL server.

  • It is easy.

  • It is simple to understand.

  • It allows the insertion of multiple rows into a table.

  • This is done with the help of the ‘BULK INSERT’ statement.

  • The ‘SELECT INTO’ statement is used in T-SQL

  • In this, the ‘NOT EXISTS’ clause can be used with the ‘SELECT’ statements.


  • It is an Oracle product.

  • It is known as Procedural Language Structural Query Language.

  • It is a natural programming language.

  • It works easily with the SQL.

  • It works its best, and provides good performance with Oracle database server.

  • It is not easy.

  • It is complex to understand.

  • It supports object oriented programming concepts such as data encapsulation, function overloading, and information hiding.

  • The ‘INSERT INTO’ statement needs to be used in PL/SQL.

  • It has a ‘MINUS’ operator, that can be used the ‘SELECT’ statements.