Difference between Cloudme and HCL connections

Cloudme and HCL connections are the storage devices that will lend hand to maintain the storage of data. Data Analytics has now attained a major place in the IT industry and storage software is needed to store the data securely. Security and Privacy are the two needs of any business and storage capacity can be purchased based on the specific need of the company. Using this, the users can access the data remotely after synchronizing the data with the computer.

What is Cloudme?

Cloudme is a storage device developed in a European country to provide strong security of the data by using reliable laws. It offers the synchronization of files in the computer so they can be retrieved in the case when the system faces ransom attacks. The other feature is the cloud drive to keep our files, folders, photos, and anything you want to store without synchronizing the data in the computer. It takes care of the data securely and controls all the needs of an organization.

Apart from the business need, it also provides users to share and receive their data with friends and families privately. It comes with a 30-days trial private subscription, so the company can share cloud storage with their employees remotely. The primary goal of Cloudme is to protect the user’s data and privacy.

Features of Cloudme:

Cloudme is a European service that helps people in Europe and also around the world share and receives data. Some of the features are,

Camera rolls Synchronization

The pictures which we take in the mobile camera can be synchronized initially using the popup to the folders in the computer system. This can be achieved when the cloudme software is downloaded and in the sync tab, we can find the devices that are synchronized to the computer.


To use this feature, one needs to synchronize the music folder in the computer to the cloudme software. So that we can seamlessly listen to music from anywhere using this software.


This feature helps the users to share their files and folders through a single link. Using this link, any person with this link can view the shared folder.

What is an HCL connection?

HCL connections are exclusively developed by HCL technologies. Through this connection, we can stay connected with others socially which builds a strong relationship between the employees in an organization. It is simply called the Social Networking media for the people of HCL working professionals. The prime goal of HCL connections is,

Activity − Using this feature, the professionals work together to share the tools, collecting and organizing the data with other persons in the organization for the benefit of the organization.

Bloggers − The researchers and bloggers share their minds with other in a timely sequence.

Home page − In the home pages, all the updates are mentioned about the persons whom the users follow and also can post their content.

Profile − The profiles of the people working in the HCL technology are included and the employees can through the other profiles easily.

Remote Access − The people in HCL can draft the required files and folders in the library and access them from anywhere.

Difference between Cloudme and HCL connections

Even though they do not have any major operations between them, the storage does.

Basis of Difference


HCL connections


It is a storage device with security and privacy that supports the synchronization of data, files, photos, and folders.

HCL connections enable the employees in HCL technologies to get socially connected.


It is developed by Cloudme AB in the year 2011.

It is developed by IBM in the year 2007 and later owned by HCL Technology.


The plan is divided into Team, Business, and Enterprise and will have a varying price range.

The Pricing plan starts from $6 per month for the users.

File Size

The maximum file size in the consumer category provides 150MB for free and a maximum of 2GB in the business category.

The maximum file size in an HCL connection is 2GB.


The yearly plan for business needs will have a maximum of 2GB of storage space.

The storage plan for the free subscription is 5 GB.


CloudMe does not support uploading any type of file remotely.

An HCL connection also does not support uploading any type of file remotely.

Featured Products

Some of the features it uses are Webshare, Camera Rolls sync, cloudme folder, and a backup.

Some of the features it uses are HCL-Now, HCL-SoFy, mainframe solutions, and Cloud Native.


It is available to download for Windows, MAC, Linux, TV, and mobile systems.

The HCL connections support Android, iPad, and iPhone.


Cloudme provides storage services and HCL connections help the employees in HCL technology to share their professional content, file, folders, and photos. Cloudme is named earlier icloud and the name was taken by Apple. The same, before it was named IBM connections and now changed to HCL connections.

Updated on: 26-Apr-2023


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