Difference between Backblaze B2 and HCL Connections

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We know that there are different types of cloud services present on the Internet. But, unfortunately, it isn't easy to choose between them as we can't try each of them and choose because every cloud service is not free out there. Two of the major services are Backblaze B2 and HCL Connections. Let’s differentiate the two. Note that HCL Connections is not a cloud service, and we are going to discuss it in the following section.

Backblaze B2

Backblaze B2 was founded in 2015 by Backblaze incorporation. It is one of the cheapest cloud storage available in the market. It uses object-type data storage, and this means all the files named as objects will have the data, metadata, and an ID.

Software professionals and business people mainly use it for storing their data. BackBlaze B2 offer 10 GB of free space to all users. From 10 GB to 1 TB, there is a very low cost for the storage, and after 1 TB, there is 5$/TB per month.

Compared to other reputed cloud-based companies, BackBlaze B2 has fewer data centers. Therefore, if there is any problem in the data centers by chance, then the possibility of losing the data is more.

HCL Connections

HCL Connections was founded by IBM and later acquired by HCL in 2019. They are a social software application that helps different employees of an organization to work collaboratively. The employees can help each other, ask doubts, seek support, etc., via this platform.

They use the 2.0 development of the web. They support many types of Plug-ins like Microsoft Outlook, HCL Lotus Notes, HCL Sametime, etc. The pricing starts from 6 $/Month. Unfortunately, they do not have a free version. One of the significant disadvantages of HCL Connections is high complexity of use and it does not offer a free trial.

Difference between Backblaze B2 and HCL Connections

The following table highlights the major differences between Backblze B2 and HCL Connections −

Backblaze B2HCL Connections
It was launched in 2015 by Backblaze Incorporation.It was developed by IBM and later handed over to HCL.
It provides cloud services.It offers a platform for the employees of an organization to work together to exchange information between them.
There is a free account available that gives 10 GB of data.A free account is not available. The paid account starts at 6$/Month.
It has a relatively simple User Interface.Many customers reported that they have a very complex User Interface.
It is used mainly for storing data for software development purposes and business.Organizations use them for integrity among the workers.
It offers unlimited paid storage.It provides unlimited storage for storing important documents, business files, etc.
It offers an option for server-side encryption.It also offers encryption, and if required, we can digitally sign the messages between users.
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