Difference between Amazon Drive and HCL Connections

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a cloud storage service launched by Amazon in 2011, it’s a very safe and secure cloud infrastructure which is well designed and reliable using S3 services (same as many cloud companies that use it to store data). The drive leverages resources from AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is built on top of it.

  • They offer 5 GB of free storage which can be upgraded on payment and is built into Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Video application.

  • Amazon Drive enables users to have features like cloud storage, file sharing and photo printing (Applicable only in specific countries).

  • It even has multilingual support which enables users all across the globe to use it in their regional language.

  • Data can be accessed and transferred from multiple devices including mobile applications and desktop web browsers.

  • Amazon Drive is compatible with almost all devices including mac and windows. Though it has many of the mentioned merits they also have some demerits.

  • Amazon Drive can only be used for personal and non-commercial uses, one cannot use it for commercial purposes or any businesses.

  • Amazon does not provide automatic file synchronisation/backup on the web, disabling people from accessing their latest desktop version of all their documents and images.

Amazon Drive's services are unavailable in certain countries/zones.

HCL Connections

HCL Connections was founded by IBM and later acquired by HCL in 2019.

  • It is a social software application that helps different employers of an organization to work collaboratively. The workers can help each other, ask doubts, seek support, etc., via this platform. It uses the 2.0 development of the web.

  • They support many types of Plug-ins like Microsoft Outlook, HCL Lotus Notes, HCL Sametime, etc.

  • The pricing starts from 6 $/Month. They do not have a free version.

  • One of the significant disadvantages of HCL Connections is its high complexity of use. And, it does not offer a free trial.

Difference between Amazon Drive and HCL Connections

The following table highlights the major differences between Amazon Drive and HCL Connections.

Amazon DriveHCL Connections
Founded by Amazon.com in 2011.Founded by IBM and later acquired in 2019 by HCL.
They offer cloud services.They offer a platform for the employees of an organization to work together.
Provides 5 GB of free storage and offers different types of paid storage with a maximum of 30 TB.There is no free trial. Paid version starts from 6 $/Month.
Do not offer many productivity apps.They offer different varieties of plug-ins for an impressive user experience.
They have unlimited storage for Photos via Amazon Photos.They also have unlimited storage for storing documents, important files, etc.
Simple user interface.Complex User interface.
Not available in all countries.They are available in most of the countries.
They have block-level file syncing.They don't offer file syncing as they are not cloud services.
They don't offer any encryptions and no option to password protect links or provide access privileges.They offer Encryption and digitally sign the messages we send.

Updated on: 26-Aug-2021


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