Difference between Baidu Cloud and HCL Connections

Baidu Cloud

Baidu Cloud was launched on 23rd March 2012 by Baidu Inc. They are a constantly evolving, enthusiastic organization that works mainly in some countries like China.

  • Baidu Cloud can be used for both personal and business purposes.

  • They offer a free space of 1 TB and can be extended to 2 TB by downloading and using Baidu's mobile client.

  • The maximum file size to upload is 4 GB in free accounts, and in paid versions, it is 20 GB.

  • Since they follow a simple file storage cloud, they have only limited paid storage.

  • Baidu Inc. supervises Baidu Cloud and provides the necessary customer support.

Baidu Cloud was the first one to offer such ample storage for its users. Before them, free cloud storage was limited to 15 GB.

HCL Connections

HCL Connections was founded by IBM and later acquired by HCL in 2019. It is a social software application that helps different employers of an organization to work collaboratively. The workers can help each other, ask doubts, seek support, etc., via this platform. It uses the 2.0 development of the web.

HCL Connections support many types of Plug-ins like Microsoft Outlook, HCL lotus notes, HCL sametime, etc. The pricing starts from 6 $/Month. Unfortunately, they do not have a free version. One of the significant disadvantages of HCL Connections is its high complexity of use and it does not offer a free trial.

The following table compares and contrasts the features of Baidu Cloud and HCL Connections −

Baidu CloudHCL Connections
Baidu Cloud offers Cloud services.HCL Connections offer a platform for the employees of an organization to work together.
It is used by both personal and business users.It is used mainly by Organizations.
They have many features and third-party integrations.They have many types of plug-ins.
They are integrated with ABC (AI, Big Data, Cloud computing).They don't have such integrations.
They provide free storage of 1 TB and can be extended to 2 TB by installing the mobile client.They have unlimited storage to store documents, important files, etc.
They have a paid version that increases the maximum file upload size from 4 GB to 20 GB.They don't have a free version, and the price starts from 6$/Month.
The storage has encryption.They also offer encryption and digital signature of files sent.
The default language is Chinese.The default language is English.
They are available in only certain countries like China.They are available in almost all countries.

Updated on: 17-Aug-2021


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