Difference between Amazon S3 and HCL connections

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a web-based cloud storage service that is scalable and fast. On March 14, 2006, AWS launched Amazon S3 in the United States, followed by Europe in November 2007.

  • The service is intended for online data and application backup and archiving on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon S3 was established with a small feature set in mind to make web-scale computing more accessible to developers.

  • Amazon S3 can store any item, making it ideal for Internet application storage, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data archives, analytics data lakes, and hybrid cloud storage.

  • Amazon S3 may be utilized by businesses of various sizes, from tiny firms to giant corporations. S3's scalability, availability, security, and performance make it ideal for a wide range of data storage applications, including data storage, data archiving, application hosting for web app deployment, installation, and management, software delivery, data backup, disaster recovery, IoT devices, etc.

  • Customers can upload, save, and download virtually any file or object up to 5 TB, with the largest single upload being limited to 5 GB.

Amazon S3 uses different types of encryptions. So, the users can store sensitive data with confidence. Also, there is strong support from AWS (Amazon Web Services) in times of problems or system failures.

HCL Connections

HCL Connections was founded by IBM and later acquired by HCL in 2019.

  • It is a social software application that helps different employers of an organization to work collaboratively. The workers can help each other, ask doubts, seek support, etc., via this platform. It uses the 2.0 development of the web.

  • They support many types of Plug-ins like Microsoft Outlook, HCL Lotus Notes, HCL Sametime, etc.

  • The pricing starts from 6 $/Month. They do not have a free version.

  • One of the significant disadvantages of HCL Connections is its high complexity of use. And, it does not offer a free trial.

Difference between Amazon S3 and HCL Connections

The following table highlights the major differences between Amazon S3 and HCL Connections.

Amazon S3HCL Connections
Launched in 2006 by Amazon.comFounded by IBM and later acquired by HCL in 2019.
They are cloud storage services.They offer a platform for the employees of an organization to work together.
There offer unlimited storage
They also offer unlimited storage to store important files, documents, etc.
They offer high security like fully encrypted storage, password protection, etc.
They also offer encryption and digital signature of files sent.
They have many types of integrations that help users to use this service efficiently.
They have different types of plugins available like Microsoft Outlook, HCL Sametime, etc.
They have an automatic file usage monitor that makes the storage cost-efficient.
They don't have an automatic storage monitor.
There are different types of User Interface tools that make the usage simple.
They have a very complex User Interface that needs some amount of training to use.
They are used mainly by business professionals for storing data for commercial purposes.
They are used by business organizations.
There is no free version present, and the price depends on the usage.
They also don't have free versions. Their price starts from 6 $/Month.

Updated on: 26-Aug-2021


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