Difference between Amazon Drive and Jumpshare

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a cloud storage service launched by Amazon in 2011, it’s a very safe and secure cloud infrastructure which is well designed and reliable using D3 services (same as many cloud companies that use it to store data). The drive leverages resources from AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is built on top of it.

  • They offer 5 GB of free storage which can be upgraded on payment and is built into Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Video application.

  • Amazon Drive enables users to have features like cloud storage, file sharing and photo printing (Applicable only in specific countries).

  • It even has multilingual support which enables users all across the globe to use it in their regional language.

  • Data can be accessed and transferred from multiple devices including mobile applications and desktop web browsers.

  • Amazon Drive is compatible with almost all devices including mac and windows. Though it has many of the mentioned merits they also have some demerits.

  • Amazon Drive can only be used for personal and non-commercial uses, one cannot use it for commercial purposes or any businesses.

  • Amazon does not provide automatic file synchronisation/backup on the web, disabling people from accessing their latest desktop version of all their documents and images.

Amazon Drive's services are unavailable in certain countries/zones.


File sharing is one of the most important features of any cloud storage service, but few do it as efficiently as Jumpshare.

  • JumpShare is a file-sharing platform founded by Ghaus Iftikhar in October 2011.

  • They are available on platforms such as Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android. However, JumpShare is used more for file-sharing services rather than cloud storage since it does not have features such as syncing across different devices.

  • Jumpshare provides 2 GB of free storage that can be expanded up to 1 TB upon payment and no maximum file size.

  • All files are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.

  • Jumpshare offers customized aesthetics and analytics tools and outstanding file-sharing features like link passwords and share schedules.

Jumpshare enhanced its service by adding screenshots, a video recording option, and also remote uploading. However, Jumpshare does not have a data center of its own. Instead, the company developed its service on the Amazon Web Services platform, utilizing the Virginia-based AWS data center.

Difference between Amazon Drive and Jumpshare

The following table highlights the major differences between Amazon Drive and Jumpshare −

Amazon DriveJumpshare
Provides users 5 GB of free storageProvides users 2 GB of free storage
It has a maximum storage space of 30 TBMaximum storage up to 1 TB
Maximum file size of 50 GBNo maximum file sizes
No client-side encryption256-bit AES encryption
Not available globallyAvailable globally
Cannot be used for commercial purposesCan be used for both personal and commercial purposes

Updated on: 19-Aug-2021


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