Cyber Security Salaries in Canada

Cyber threats are an emerging issue in recent times, and people from all over the world face this challenge daily. It is a malicious act; once it attacks any computer or mobile, it will damage the entire data. Besides, this malicious act will steal your confidential data and will put you in severe problems.

Cyber threats lead to unauthorized access to data and can disrupt the activity of an organization. Well, with the advancement in the field of technology, different security measures have been used in recent times to protect people from cyber threats. Professional cybersecurity experts are working in this field and have recently been in high demand. As per recent research, almost 1.3 million positions for cyber security professionals still need to be filled.

Types of cyber security jobs

IT professionals who want to work in the fast-paced world need to learn more about cyber threats and security. There are several fields where a cyber-security professional can work at a good package. Especially if you are willing to work in Canada, you can get loads of job opportunities as a cyber-security professional.

IT professionals, who have completed a Bachelor's Degree with 3-years of experience in this field, can opt for some entry-level job opportunities.

Information Security Analyst − Information Security Analysts professionals protect an organization's confidential data. The experts do the monitoring for any type of security breaches and carry on the necessary investigation for any data theft.

Once the professionals understand the causes of cyber threats, they will suggest to the organization the necessary strategies to implement for further growth of the company. In Canada, aspirants can get considerable opportunities to work as Information Security Analysts. The average salary in this position is CA$ 71,408. Besides, experts will also get additional cash compensation, and the amount varies between CA$2568 to CA$11,111.

Specialist in Information Security − IT experts who join a company as Information security specialists primarily pay attention to maintaining the security of data within the organization. The professionals ensure to keep data is secured from any unauthorized access. The role of a security specialist varies between organizations.

The prime responsibilities of an IT security specialist are testing & maintaining firewalls, maintenance of antivirus software, researching new security risks, providing suggestions for security weaknesses in a company, etc. In Canada, an information security specialist's average Pay-scale is CA$84203 per year.

Digital Forensic Inspector − For aspirants looking for a profession where they can solve puzzles, working as Examiner in Digital Forensics is the best field for them. Here the professionals need to work on gathering, preserving, and examining digital evidence. The professionals try to recover data from damaged hard drives.

The professionals also pay attention to the proper documentation of the data retrieval process and maintenance of chain custody. The professionals also pay attention to criminal investigations. IT professionals who want to work in this field in Canada can earn a package of CA$ 81824 per year. Moreover, they can also gain additional cash benefits between $2412 to $20903.

Auditor in Information Technology − IT professionals can enjoy a good package if they can join as an IT auditor in a company in Canada. An IT auditor, the professionals, need to work on evaluating the technical security of an organization. Besides planning and performing audits, an IT auditor must properly document audit findings.

Here the IT professionals need to identify the organization's growth opportunities. The experts should also work on designing plans to fix security risks. If an IT professional joins a company in Canada as an IT auditor can earn CA$81861 per year.

Mid-level job opportunities for IT professionals in canada

Besides entry-level jobs, IT professionals can also get considerable opportunities in various mid-level employment in Canada. Let's check the type of job opportunities that an IT professional can have in Canada.

Administrator in Security System − As an administrator in the security system, the professional need to take charge of the day-to-day operations of the cyber security system. Here the professionals also need to monitor the system and take regular back-ups. Besides, the IT administrator also pays attention to collaborating with the security system and managing an individual user account. An IT administrator can earn CA$73309 if they join as a professional in Canada.

Penetrator Tester − A Penetrator Tester or Pen Tester mainly works to identify the security weakness in a company. The professionals work on planning and designing the strategy for penetration testing. They are capable of creating reports based on the test result.

An IT penetrator tester also possesses the essential knowledge to offer the best technical support in carrying on social engineering movements. If you want to join a company as a penetrator tester in Canada, you can earn almost $107,087 annually.

Security Engineer − Security engineers are in high demand in an organization to develop security standards and implement the best practices. The professionals will also recommend an advanced strategy to the management for enhancing security.

Security engineers also play a vital role in evaluating the best security solutions and developing the required program to automate susceptibility detection. An IT professional having certificates in CISSP and CCSP can grab a job in this field. IT professionals who work as security engineers can earn at least $89980 in Canada.

Cryptography Engineer − IT professionals who work as cryptography engineers are responsible for securing the data while exchanging information. They will develop a new cryptographic algorithm to encrypt data. They will analyze the present algorithms to check the vulnerabilities.

IT professionals who work as cryptographic engineers in Canada can earn $85118 per year. Professionals at entry level can earn $54366 per year.

Manager in Cyber Security − Professionals working in Cyber security positions always pay attention to the security infrastructure in an organization. The experts carry on the necessary responsibility for managing technological resources. They consistently pay attention to risk mitigation and essential security rules and guidelines. If you join as a cyber security manager in a company, you can earn $60.90 per hour. A Cyber Security manager will make nearly $118750 per year.

Updated on: 09-Dec-2022


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