Cyber Security Salaries in the USA


Information Technology and cyber security professionals have reached the highest incomes amidst the booming global digital structure! The truth is that the greater the organizations and personal uses of digital devices, the more cybercrime is fast growing. Cybersecurity is undoubtedly on top of the agenda for mega companies and governments. Without peace and safety, no company or individual can work productively. While cyber security pay packages vary between countries like the UK and USA, they also differ between states and cities. The wealthiest country on earth and the largest economy, America pays high salaries. Still, all the cyber security workers cannot get them. Differences between qualifications, freshers, and experienced and the different cyber security designations matter.

American Cities and Cyber Security Salaries

Differences in pay arise because of company size, growth and profits. Cyber security positions and team size also matter, along with locations. America is vast economically and geographically and similar to several countries put together. The USA is home to several of the biggest companies on earth. Naturally, they pay hefty pay packages compared to conventional companies. Yet, reducing the workforce is being practiced all over the world. A smaller, more effective, and less paid workforce is the target. Companies want to save money and increase productivity which is possible with the great rise of technology in every sphere. Some jobs continue to shine, and cyber security is one of them.

A cyber security engineer’s salary in Minnesota may touch $98,000 annually, while New Mexico may pay over $100,000. Ohio is similar to Minnesota. Comparatively, North Carolina pays higher at about $110,000, while Washington would pay over $117,000. Texas salaries are similar to Washington’s but a little less. New York pays more at over $124,000, while West Virginia would pay over $148,000. Rhode Island pays the least at $44,000, while Louisiana is much higher at $66,000. Idaho pays over $90,000. Alaska pays the most at $125,000 per annum. California pays a little less at $124,000, and the District of Columbia pays lesser still. New Jersey pays about $123,000, while Massachusetts pays about $121,000.

Future of Cyber Security Jobs in the USA

Enhanced career opportunities ensure prosperous futures, with cyber security jobs in America growing predictably at over 30% for the next ten years. That is seven times faster than average job growth in other industries. Speaking of average salaries per annum, a Chief Information Security Officer in the USA can expect to draw an annual salary of over $230,000, which is the highest-paying designation. Security engineers also draw attractive salaries at about $120,000 per annum. A network engineer is third at about $100,000. Security analysts may draw over $92,000. A systems analyst’s salary is lower at about $81,000, while a programmer analyst makes a similar amount. Systems administrators are the least paid category at about $79,000 per annum.

Median Cyber Security Salaries in the USA

Updated survey results for October 2022 reveal that cyber security average salaries touched over $111,000 per annum. Among them, the differences were the lowest 25 percent at $92,000 while the highest 25 percent were paid over $130,000. Differences relate to personal accomplishments like qualifications, skills, and years of experience. Company size, annual growth, and the size of the IT department also make a difference in the salary that organizations pay.

Positions, Duties, Experience, and Salaries

Chief Information Security Officer

The CISO assumes responsibility for the safety of the extensive company’s cybersecurity setup. The CISO lays out policies, protocols, and procedures to protect the privacy and ntegrity of data. Evaluating and updating security software and hardware figures are among the important duties. A team helps develop security solutions, especially if a breach does occur. Among the highest-paid cyber security positions, a CISO’s average annual salary in the USA exceeds $165,000. Starting and highest salaries may be $105,000 and $129,000 per annum. That is the base salary to which the bonus and profit-sharing amounts are added.

Regarding the impact of experience, a fresher with less than one year of work experience draws an average of $106,000. With three years of experience, the annual package may touch $123,000. Seven years would attract $130,000, while twenty years would be paid $180,000. The average figures are subject to variations but indicate the industry standards.

Information Security Officer and Information Security Manager

Monitoring the cyber security infrastructure, training and policies, legal compliance, procedures, and audits are some of the duties of the ISO. Responsible for software safety, they implement procedures to minimize hacking risks along with malware and spyware. The ISO and ISM are somewhat similar roles to the CISO, but the ISM is paid much higher than the ISO. ISO may earn an average of over $92,000 per annum, while the ISM would earn over $117,000 per annum. Information Security Officer’s pay may start at $59,000 annually and rise to $136,000 annually. Add a bonus of maybe $20,000 and shared profits of $9,000. Experience-wise, a fresher gets $67,000. After a few years of experience, the pay has increased to $77,000. Seven years of experience receive a salary of $92,000. Over twenty years of experience means an income of about $116,000 per annum.

Cyber Security Architects Receive Mega Salaries

Cyber Security jobs, on average, earned about $111,000 and more per annum in 2022. Cyber Security Architects received splendid salaries. Cyber Security Architect IV got more than $172,000. Cyber Security Architect III made over $139,000, while Cyber Security Architect II received over $107,000 per annum. They are all averages and do not include bonus and profit-sharing additions.

Cyber Security Engineer

The primary duty of the CSE is security risk management, testing, and auditing. Starting at $67,000 per annum and reaching $138,000 per annum, a cyber-security engineer earns an average pay of over $96,000 per year. With long experience, earnings increase by 30% more than the average. Freshers earn 22% less than the average.


Currently, massive cyber security job offers continue worldwide via multimedia amidst stiff competition and rising cybercrime. Planning a cyber-security job career starts with intense interest and motivation, which is everywhere nowadays in the IT world.

Authentic learning from a reputed university supplemented with various skills from different sources would constitute the beginning. Don’t forget soft skills like leadership and communication. The goal would take a long time to reach amidst constant research, changing trends, and innovation. Learning never stops lifelong, especially in such a dynamic cyber security and information technology field.