Cyber Security Salaries in the Australia

Cyber security or IT security is one of the prime ways to keep computers and mobile data safe & secure. At present, hackers use varied advanced technologies for data theft. Different types of malicious attacks lead to data breaches and can cause severe data loss. This can cause severe damage to an organisation. Data manipulation can lead to loss to an organisation.

Many organisations are facing huge problems due to cyber threats. Consequently, IT experts have launched different advanced security systems that help an organisation stay protected from data theft or loss.

Today, experts apply advanced security systems like Network security, Application security, Information security, operational security, etc. Hence, many organisations appoint cyber security experts to keep the company data safe and protected. 

Types of Cyber Security Jobs and Salaries in Australia

Professionals in cyber security jobs can earn huge incomes. Experts willing to join a company in Australia can grab necessary information relating to IT security jobs in Australia and salary.

System Engineer in Cyber Security − The prime responsibility of the security engineer is to look after technical security in a company and support companies to take initiatives to maintain technical security. The experts should understand the malware trends and implement in-depth understanding.

The professionals analyse the organisational systems and do the necessary up-gradation to the security measures. The aim of the professional is to participate in changing the management process. The average salary of a system engineer in the field of cyber security in Australia is nearly AUD 168082 per year.

Technician in Cyber Security − IT experts can join as a technician in IT security if they possess the required knowledge in cyber security, skills in LAN and WAN, etc. The professionals should also have a Diploma in Cyber Security. The professionals in this field mainly focus on monitoring the firewall and other necessary security logs. It will help reviewing threats, irregularities and intrusions in a technical security system in a company.

The experts also pay attention towards troubleshooting network performance and analysing the network traffic. They also work on responses to resolving service requests. A cyber security technician will get a salary of $120554 per year.

Penetration Tester (Junior) − IT experts with a certificate in Cyber security can join as a penetration tester Junior. The experts in this field mainly focus on penetration testing on web applications. Besides, their prime responsibilities are also to perform a penetration test on wireless & wired networks and on-premise environments.

A penetration tester also carries on the necessary testing relating to phishing, physical assets examination, Smishing, etc. It is an entry-level position, and a penetration tester (Junior) can earn almost $91713 per year in Australia.

Cyber Security Analyst − The main role of a Cyber Security Analyst is to protect an organisation's network from any type of cyber threat. The experts in this field do the necessary research relating to upcoming IT trends and developing contingency plans. They will also review all types of distrustful activities and report all security breaches.

A cyber-security analyst's prime job responsibilities are managing software, monitoring networks, developing security strategies, and research. Professionals who want to grow their careers as cyber security analysts can earn $107294 annually in Australia.

Cyber Security Consultant − A cyber security consultant, is expected to be a part of the company's strategy and decision-making. The professionals must possess the required qualifications in cyber security and good communication skills. The professionals will also identify the problems and evaluate the necessary security issues.

An IT security consultant will do the necessary risk assessment and will implement solutions for the organisation. A cyber security consultant in Australia is eligible to get a good package. They can earn $170000 per year, and professionals at the entry level can earn $146667 per year.

Network security Engineer − Almost every organisation faces cyber security challenges, and hence Network Security Engineers are in high demand. A Network Security Engineer performs the duties like identification of vulnerabilities, maintaining the technical systems, and developing automation in an organisation.

Many aspirants at present are moving to Australia to get high-paid jobs. Professionals in this field can get excellent salary package that varies between $125000 to $145000.

Security Architect − A security architect possesses in-depth knowledge in designing the computer network in an organisation. The professionals in this field work on assessing the vulnerabilities in security systems in an organisation. The professionals work on penetration testing, risk analysis and ethical hacking.

IT professionals who want to become security architects must have good experience in the field of cybersecurity. If you are willing to join a company in Australia, you can get a job at a salary between $135000 to $155000 per year.

CISO or Chief Information Security Officer − Almost 80 per cent of companies appoint a CISO to their management team. CISO is the senior-level executive in an organisation, and their prim aim is to ensure the best cyber security strategy within an organisation.

A CISO works with the staff within an organisation to develop & implement the required processes in the company. The average Pay Scale of a Chief Information Security Officer is AUD182776 per year.

Ethical Hackers − Ethical hacking is an organisation's most trusted and esteemed hacking program. Many reputed organisations appoint ethical hackers to protect their companies from malicious cyberattacks.

Ethical hackers perform penetration testing on the hardware and software. They also focus on host assessment, wireless assessment, database assessment, etc. An IT professional can have a huge salary package as an Ethical hacker. In Australia, an Ethical hacker can earn an average salary of AUD95476 per year.

Incident Manager - The prime role of an incident manager is to determine the proper resources and abilities to solve any type of security incident in an organisation. The professionals at first record and classify the incidents they receive. They will also inform the companies about their recent incidents and will work on strategies to resolve these incidents. They will also guide the coordinators of incident processing. In Australia, an incident manager can earn between $115000 to $135000.