Difference between Cyber Security and Information Security

Cyber Security and Information Security both terms are synonymous with each other the difference between the two comes when nature of data which is going to secure. In nutshell Cyber security deals with protecting networks, computers, and data from unauthorized electronic access while Information security deals with protecting information assets regardless of whether the information is in physical or digital format.

Data security is all about securing data. But there is difference between data and information. Not every data can be information. Data can be called as information when it is interpreted in a context and given meaning. For example, “14041989″ is data until if we know that this is date of birth of a person, then it is information. So information means data which has some meaning. Hence all information is type of data while all data is not necessary an information

Following are the important differences between Cyber Security and Information Security

Sr. No.KeyCyber SecurityInformation Security
1DefinitionCyber security is the practice of protecting information and data over the internet from unauthorised access and hack or stolen.On other hand Information security is all about protecting information and information systems from unauthorized use, assess, modification or removal. It’s similar to data security, which has to do with protecting data from being hacked or stolen.
2ImplementationCyber security as mainly deals with protecting information over internet so cyber security is implemented on network over which information transfers take place.On other hand Information security mainly deals with protecting information which is over or not over the internet so information security implementation not only limited to network.
3Threat typeIn case of cyber security main threat type include cyber-attacks and different kinds of Trojans and virus attacks.On other hand all type of data threads covered under information security irrespective of the realm.
4SecuresProfessionals under cyber security cyber deals with advanced persistent threat with latest network data transmission which includes bank transactions, online shopping, phishing, baiting, data breach and other monetary/non-monetary transactions.On other hand information security professionals is the foundation of data security and security professionals associated with it prioritize resources first before dealing with threats.
5Type of dataIf case of cyber security the main concern is safeguarding company’s information and security technologies (IST) from unauthorized digital access.On other hand information security means protecting company’s information assets from any type of threat such as theft, unauthorized access or loss of data due to inappropriate handling.