CSS Buttons - Overview


A button on a web-page is the prime actor where a user clicks after selecting or entering the required inputs and submits the details to get required information. This tutorial focuses on ten main CSS libraries to make buttons awesome, namely −

  • bttn.css − bttn.css library provides a huge collection of simple styles for buttons. This library is completely free for both personal and commercial use. These buttons can be customized easily.

  • Pushy Buttons − Pushy Buttons library is a small CSS Pressable Buttons library.

  • btns.css − btns.css buttons library is a set of CSS Buttons which make use of smooth transitions.

  • Social Buttons − Social Buttons library is a set of CSS Buttons made in pure CSS and are based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

  • Beautons − Beautons buttons library is a simple CSS toolkit for creating buttons. It allows to apply a combination of styles, sizes to create a huge set of consistent, robust and solid buttons.