Converting an image to ASCII image in Python

In this article we we want to convert a given images into a text bases image also called ASCII image.

Below is the Python program which will take an input imagee and various functions to convert them into grayscale picture and then apply the ASCII characters to create different patterns insert the image. Finally the emails comes text based image this is a series of plane ASCII characters.


from PIL import Image
import os
ASCII_CHARS = [ '#', '?', '%', '.', 'S', '+', '.', '*', ':', ',', '@']
def resize_image(image, new_width=25):
   (input__width, input__height) = image.size
   aspect_ratio = input__height/float(input__width)
   changed_height = int(aspect_ratio * new_width)
   changed_image = image.resize((new_width, changed_height))
   return changed_image
def make_grey(image):
   return image.convert('L')
def pixel_to_ascii(image, range_width=25):
   pixels_in_image = list(image.getdata())
   pixels_to_chars = [ASCII_CHARS[pixel_value//range_width] for pixel_value in
   return "".join(pixels_to_chars)
def image_to_ascii(image, new_width=25):
   image = resize_image(image)
   image = make_grey(image)
   pixels_to_chars = pixel_to_ascii(image)
   len_pixels_to_chars = len(pixels_to_chars)
   image_ascii = [pixels_to_chars[index: index + new_width] for index in
   range(0, len_pixels_to_chars, new_width)]
   return "\n".join(image_ascii)
def convert_image(image_filepath):
   # image = None
      image =
   except Exception as e:
      print("Unable to open image file          {image_filepath}.".format(image_filepath=image_filepath))
   image_ascii = image_to_ascii(image)
   f = open(os.path.splitext(image_filepath)[0]+'.txt','w')


Running the above code gives us the following result −

Input Image

Output Image

Updated on: 09-Jul-2020


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