Computer illiteracy is it a shame

Digital divide is a very obvious truth today between developed and developing countries. In turn a large number of population in developing countries is illiterate in terms of computer literacy. The main reasons for this are following −

  • Less adaptation of new technologies by the residents of these countries

  • Poor infrastructure and distribution issues regarding the availability of relevant information.

  • Indifferent outlook of authorities.

  • No feeling of empathy for providing the relevant knowledge in this regard.

  • Failure to simply procedures. Due to this less and less population is able to adopt the new technology.

Issues associated

However with this brief introduction we find that various issues are impeding the pro-per availability and growth in this direction. Now the main thing to analyze is whether it should be regarded as a matter of shame for the people not equally equipped with the knowledge.

With a very brief care this matter can be summarily rejected. As the situation is only the product of the unavailability on the part of opportunities and failure of the authorities. Had the emphasis been on the issue on the matter of the governments and they wished to resolve this matter once and for all it was possible.

However the authorities alone also cannot be blamed as they have more vital issues to care. Whatever importance this matter may have but there are always certain issues in this section of the world which must be addressed first. These subjects relate to food and shelter availability to all the citizen enabling them to live a dignified life and make them the citizen of thee regard they deserve.

Now to understand the momentum and depth of the question the ground figures must be realized to certain extent.

An insight

  • In the countries where computer literacy is low the overall literacy rates are also low. I some countries they are desperately low. Talking about India these figures are around 70%. In that too female population is very low. If we inquire a little deeper still we will find that even this percentage is owing to the high literacy rate in urban centers where it may stand as high as 95%. Rural segment of the countries is still suffering and have a meager literacy percentage in front of that.

  • Now it should be empirically clear that the computer literacy gap is widest in the rural segments of the country. Urban cities have sufficient literacy rate in this regard and cannot be said lagging in this aspect. However rural areas with the low literacy rate are the areas which are actual victim of the computer illiteracy. These are the areas where computer may be a wow word and is regarded as something extraterrestrial.

  • With a little emphasis this situation can be improved but there are factors like health and drinking water which are even more blunt issues and should be addressed first.

  • These areas although requiring sufficiently for improving the production worth and decreasing the labor intensity rural areas are well able to survive without the computer literacy.


Thus although it may be a boon to rural areas to grow, computer literacy is slow to penetrate in these areas. However with any standards, as it must have become clear enough now, it cannot be said a matter of shame for this computer illiterate population.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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