What is a plug-in and how does installing it on my computer help me?

Plug-in or add-on or extension are basically programs that you can easily install and bring into use as part of your web browser. Well, the use of installing plug-ins are huge for instance, a plug-in enables third-party developers to create merits which make the use of an application even broader. Following are a few more key usage of plug-ins.

Support for New Features

Providing support to the easy addition of new features is one of the vital tasks of a plug-in. They instantly configure data and quickly make your application adaptable to allow new features to work accurately. Once a plug—in is installed, you are all set to use the wide range of features, benefits, etc. and that too without troubling yourself much.

Reduce the Size of an Application

A plug-in helps to reduce the size of an application to a large extent and thus, you can utilize the leftover space more efficiently. Moreover, you can install some more programs or keep your website even lighter with the use of a few smart plugins like Regenerate Thumbnails, AJAX Thumbnail Rebuilt, etc. available on various platforms.

Have the Source Code Categorized

Plug-in helps you get source code separated from an application because of the many incompatible software licenses. This not only allows users get their tasks done instantly, effectively and with a huge convenience, but improves security as well.