Comparison between Resistance Welding and Arc Welding

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding is the welding process of joining of metals by applying mechanical pressure and passing a heavy current for a length of time through the metal parts which are to be joined. The chief advantage of the resistance welding is that it does not require any other material for creating the bond which makes it cost effective.

Arc Welding

Arc welding is the process in which the metals are joined by using electricity to create enough heat to melt metals, and the melted metals, when cool, result in the joining of the metals. The arc welding uses a welding power supply to create an electric arc between an electrode (a metal stick) and the work-piece to melt the metals at the point of joint.

Resistance Welding Vs Arc Welding

The following table compares and contrasts the different features of Resistance Welding and Arc Welding −

AspectResistance WeldingArc Welding
Production of HeatIn the resistance welding, the heat is produced due to the flow of current mainly through the contact resistance.In the arc welding, the heat is produced due to the arc created between the electrode and the work-piece.
SupplyGenerally, AC supply is used for resistance welding.Both AC and DC supply can be used in the arc welding.
Requirement of Filler MaterialWith the resistance welding, no filler material is added in any form for joining the two metal pieces.In arc welding, some filler metal rod is necessary so that proper strength can be obtained in the joint.
Requirement of External PressureIn resistance welding, external pressure is required for joining the metals.In arc welding, no external pressure is required. Thus, the equipment is simple and easy to control.
VoltageResistance welding requires a very low voltage.In case of arc welding, the striking voltage is high. Therefore, it needs voltage control.
Power FactorIn resistance welding, the power factor is low.In arc welding, the power factor is poor.
TemperatureIn resistance welding process the temperature raise is not very high.In arc welding, the arc temperature is very high. If it is not handled properly, it may damage the work-piece.
SuitabilityResistance welding is most suitable for mass production and also for repair work.Arc welding is suitable for repair work. But, it is not suitable for mass production.

Updated on: 23-Feb-2022

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