Cognos - Report Studio

Report Studio is a web-based tool that is used by report developers to create multi pages, complex reports on top of multiple data sources. You can create sales reports, inventory reports, account statements, balance sheets, etc.

How to Create a Report in Report Studio?

To create Reports in Report Studio, you should have a good understanding on user interface. Report Studio user interface is divided into two parts −

  • Explorer Bar on the Left Side.
  • Work area for report design.
Report Studio

The above screenshot has three major blocks, which are as follows −

  • Insertable Object Pane − The Insertable Objects pane contains objects that you can add to a report. These objects can be added by dragging them to the work area. It can contain −

    • Source tab (That contains item from the package).

    • Data Items (Queries created in the report).

    • Toolbox (different objects like graphics that can be added to the report)

  • Properties Pane − The Properties pane lists the properties that you can set for an object in a report. To get the help, select the property and use keyboard key F1.

  • Work Area − The work area is known as the area where the report is designed.

How to Open Report Studio?

On the home page, go to Launch → Report Studio → Select a Package or in the IBM Cognos Welcome page, click on Author advanced reports to open Report Studio.

Open Report Studio

Select a Package

On the home screen of Report Studio, you have an option to create a new report or open an existing report.

Home Screen of Report Studio

You will be prompted to select the type of report you want to create. You have the option to select different report types.

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