Cognos - Query Studio

Query Studio is defined as a web based tool for creating queries and reports in Cognos 8. It is also used to run simple queries and reports as well.

In Query Studio, the following functions can be performed −

  • Viewing Data − Using Query Studio, you can connect to data source to view the data in a tree hierarchy. You can see query subject, query item details, etc.

  • Creating BI Reports − You can use Query studio to create simple reports by using the data source. You can also refer existing reports to create a new report.

  • Changing Existing Reports − You can also change existing reports by editing report layout – Add charts, titles, headings, border styles, etc.

  • Data Customization in Report − You can apply various customizations in reports- Filters, Calculations and aggregations to perform data analysis, drill up and drill down, etc.

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