Class 11Th Economics

We would learn about how the economy was when British left us and how we have progressed post that. We will understand about Common goals of Five Year Plans, its main features, problems and policies of agriculture (institutional aspects and new agricultural strategy, etc.), industry (industrial licensing, etc,) and foreign trade. We would also learn about the need and main features of liberalisation, globalisation and privatisation. Finally we would understand about Current challenges facing Indian Economy.


These video classes have been designed for Class 11 students -commerce students who wish to appear for and are preparing for CBSE and other Board Exams. The topics covered will also be useful for those who wish to enhance their knowledge on Economics and related concepts.


Madhu Bhatia is a CA, MBA (Finance) and a She has 5 years of Teaching experience and has been teaching to Class XI, XII, CA as well as MBA students apart from providing corporate training. She is an active member of ICAI and also writes for various websites and her own blogs.