Bugzilla - Graphical Reports

Graphical reports are a group of line, bar and pie charts. These Reports are helpful in many ways, for example if a user wants to know which component has the maximum number of defects reported and wants to represent in the graph, then that user can select from the following two options −

  • Severity on the X-axis
  • Component on the Y-axis

Then click on Generate Report.

It will generate a report with crucial information. Similarly, the user can a select number of combinations from those that are available.

Generate Graphical Reports

To generate graphical reports in Bugzilla, we have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − To begin with, click on the Reports link at the header of the homepage.


Step 2 − Click on the Graphical Reports hyperlink, which is listed under the Current State section as shown in the following screenshot.

Current State

Step 3 − Now, set various options to present reports graphically. Some of the important options are given below.

  • Vertical Axis
  • Horizontal Axis
  • Multiple Images
  • Format- Line graph, Bar chart or Pie chart
  • Plot data set
  • Classify your bug
  • Classify your product
  • Classify your component
  • Classify bug status
  • Select resolution

Step 4 − Click on Generate Report to display a Bar chart, where the Severity of a bug is the vertical axis, while the Component “Widget Gears” is the horizontal axis.


Step 5 − Similarly, a Line Graph can be created for % Complete Vs Deadline.


The result for the above mentioned line graph will be as follows.

Line Graph