Bugzilla - Browse Function

The Browse Function is one of the most important features of Bugzilla to find/trace/locate an existing logged bug.

Following are steps to use this feature −

Step 1 − Click on the Browse hyperlink on the header of the home page.


Step 2 − A window – "Select a product category to browse" as shown below, the user can browse the bug according to the category. Select the product "Sam's Widget" or any other.

Select Product

Step 3 − It opens another window, in this – click on the component Widget Gears. Bugzilla Components are sub-sections of a product. For example, here, the product is SAM'S WIDGET, whose component is WIDGET GEARS. A product can have multiple components listed.


Step 4 − When you click on the component, it will open another window. All the Bugs created under a particular category will be listed over here. From that Bug-list, click on the Bug# ID to see more details about that bug.


Step 5 − Once you click on the Bug ID, another window will open, where information about the bug can be seen in detail. In the same window, the user can also change the assignee, QA contact or the CC list.

QA Contact