Axure RP - Introduction

For the UX engineers, the process of understanding their user base is not just limited to getting the inputs from the customer or the related conversations. There are some interesting steps that they need to take to understand what a user wants. The real work starts when they are somewhat clear about what the user might be expecting out of the software product.

Once some data is available about how the user is perceiving the upcoming software or an enhancement in the existing software, the UX engineer comes back to its den to design the user interface for them. Traditionally or as a common approach, when someone says design, it means software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, or even Microsoft Paint. At times, to get back to the users real quick, UX designers make use of good old pen and paper to design interfaces.

However, for UX designer, providing the quality in designing the User Interface means more than just showing an awesome design. User Experience consists of not only how the user sees the interface but also how the user interacts with it. The software tools mentioned above and the likes in the market come with their own feature sets. It is indeed a tedious task for the UX engineer to choose the appropriate software which will enable − brainstorming, designing, and getting feedback.

Enter Axure, the currently trending software to design beautiful user interfaces and interactions. Axure has been around since close to a decade to allow UX engineers to get to the details of creating a software prototype with ease. Axure, along with being the prototyping tool, has a powerful community contributing to the UX world with many examples and skillful interactions.

At a higher level, following are the features offered by Axure −

  • Diagramming and Documentation
  • Effective prototyping with Dynamic Content
  • Conditional Flows
  • Beautiful animations to enhance the interactions
  • Adaptive Views
  • Support on Windows and Mac

To explore the detailed feature list provided by Axure, please visit For installation instructions, follow the link

For rapid prototyping, Axure RP provides a varied range of tools and techniques, which always help the Analysts/User Experience engineers to visualize the end goal.

With a strong community always available to assist, Axure RP is becoming the preferred tool for UX enthusiasts and practitioners.