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What are some of the popular apps or websites to book salon services at home?

Ridhi Arora
Updated on 20-Apr-2022 11:03:25
It is said that "Cleanliness is next to godliness". It is not only important to maintain community hygiene, but also personal hygiene. For the latter, one should take care of one's grooming which can be done by visiting parlors, spas, salons etc.Due to lack of time, it may not be possible to visit a spa or salon and then wait there endlessly for one's turn. In that circumstance, it is better to pre-book an appointment online. This can be done as follows:Install LittleappLittleapp is an application available on Google play store. One can install it and book a spa or ... Read More

How to catch someone who is cheating online?

Updated on 27-Apr-2022 05:33:39
Although cheating can be in different forms, for instance, having a sexual relationship, emotional affairs, etc., building illicit relationships online is a trend these days. Thanks to the advances in technology, people are a bit remorseful about cheating online. While one's activities and behavior can give you clear indications of whether your partner is cheating on you or not. In such cases, talking to them straight away about it should be the best solution. But, how do you identify if your partner is cheating on you online?Monitoring Your Partner's ActionsA partner or spouse when cheating will definitely exhibit a difference ... Read More

What is the difference between a search engine friendly and search engine optimised website?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:51:11
This question always muddles the minds of those who want to start a website and get traffic to it as quickly as possible. However, it’s very crucial to know the answer to the question at the early stage, especially during the development because your developer can make your website search engine friendly. However, optimizing a website is a completely different task altogether.Search Engine Friendly Vs Search Engine OptimizedTurning a website search engine friendly is somewhat a one-time process. This process might involve a number of things but once it’s done there is not much required to do unless there is ... Read More

How does the 'off-the-record' chat option of Gmail work? Can these messages be retrieved?

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:59:59
One of the features in Google hangouts ensures that no record of your chat history is stored. To enable this, you simply have to go to −Hangouts> Open any conversation> Go to Setting> check for the option 'Conversation History'> Uncheck the box placed in front of this option>Checked: History is turned on.Unchecked: History is turned off.Now the answer to your another question on retrieving the messages is that 'You, as a user' cannot retrieve; however, your employer, in case you use a shared network, can not only see but retrieve even from 'off' mode. Although, I know that Gmail claims ... Read More

What are some amazing facts related to Facebook?

Updated on 25-Jun-2020 12:00:53
As of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users had surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. Active users are those, which have logged in to Facebook during the last 30 days.The number of mobile Facebook users across the globe in 2018 is 1.34 Billion.Facebook's total quarterly revenue as of the first quarter of 2018 has amounted to 11.96 billion U.S. dollars, the majority of which were generated through advertising.24 Aug 2015, a billion people used Facebook ... Read More

How to choose a programming language to build a website?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 19-May-2022 11:02:06
It all begins with what purpose your website is going to serve. For the sake of better understanding, let's look at the logic theory of computing. Just as conventional languages fit a certain environment, computer languages are also created for specific programming environments that go on to run the websites that are built for those environments. For instance, if you're learning Japanese it would be for interaction with Japanese people and not for interaction with German people. Next, it's about another aspect of the environment that you would like to go to - a democracy with freedoms or a closed ... Read More

What are Google Algorithms and what importance do they have in digital marketing?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 19-May-2022 10:42:14
Google keeps making changes to its algorithms at regular intervals to improve different aspects of user experience on its search engine. These algorithm changes are referred to as 'Updates' by Google and users all over the world are always anxious about these updates. Of course, they come like a bolt from the blue because Google doesn't want to allow unethical users to find a way out too easily.The ImpactIn most cases, it is the digital marketing companies that feel the impact of these periodic updates from Google but it's also true that if these updates hadn't come, the search industry ... Read More

Why are online shopping sites becoming mobile shopping apps?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 19-May-2022 10:27:32
An online shopping site is a website which can be accessed through a computer which can be either a desktop or laptop. The website can also be accessed through a smartphone or tablet and both are mobile devices. In computers, because of higher data processing capacity and more functionality, all you need to do to access a shopping site is type the URL of the site in the browser and press 'enter'. However, on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, you may be able to open a shopping site but won't be able to make transactions, unless you ... Read More

Facebook is not safe anymore!! Biggest data Scandal on Facebook.

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 04-May-2022 09:07:28
The day starts with checking facebook notifications. You cannot imagine any person from teenage to retirement age not using facebook nowadays. There are over 2 billion users all over the world!!The breakout of sensational news about the major misuse of Facebook data search tools has taken the world by storm. Facebook announced on Wednesday, 4th April, that the Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy hired by the then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and other Republicans had improperly gathered detailed Facebook information on 87 million people, of whom 71 million were Americans.Facebook confirmed that "malicious actors" hacked the personal details of most of ... Read More

3d web pages products showcase (future tech)

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
This is how 3d web page will showcase the products -- #futuretechnology