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6 Simple Ways to Transfer your Mobile Contacts

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 06:28:18
Each time when you buy a new phone, after considering significant factors such as budget, features, sleek design, size as well as platform, you have another task at hand, that is to copy phone numbers from your existing phone to the new one as well as other contact information.There are different ways to transfer contacts from one phone to another. You can opt any one of them listed below.Transferring from SIM cardWhen your old mobile address book is comparatively smaller, and you only wish to copy the phone numbers to your new mobile phone, then simply use your SIM card.You ... Read More

6 Must Have Apps for your Smart Phone

Samual Sam
Updated on 14-Jul-2020 06:25:59
In today’s digital world, we can access just anything and everything, from our small handy buddy, our mobile smartphone. Our little handy phone has become our calendar, reminder, alarm clock, radio, music player, scheduler, phone book, bookstore, movie theater, gaming arcade, portable drive and many more roles it has adapted. With so many roles to play, it is difficult to decide how to accommodate everything in the limited memory space the smartphones have.With the rise of the usage of the cell phones, the number of apps available in play store is ever increasing. Everyday, thousands of apps make it to ... Read More

5 tips for balcony gardening

Samual Sam
Updated on 14-Jul-2020 06:26:53
Who says living in an apartment building is to go without the joy of gardening. You can have beautiful flowers, veggies and fragrant plants in your balcony. In fact, choosing fragrant and insect repellent plants can make your home smell heavenly, look beautiful, lively and pest free.Balcony gardening depends primarily on the capacity of the balcony and exposure to sun light. This would mean you need to make the right choice for your pots and plants. And these right choices of décor adds a lot of beauty, style and freshness to your very own balcony garden.Tip 1 − Judge Balcony ... Read More

5 Tech Skills required for jobs

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 06:15:43
In current times the global job market has crunched to the size of your computer screen, with recruiter and employers openly marketing their organization and jobs online.A lot has changed, from just a decade back. Right from the way an applicant used to apply for jobs, to the scrutiny processes that precede an interview. Today there is a complete new outlook required to move forth in the corporate world .With the advent of technology the most crucially required skills have also flipped in nature. Applicants in every domain are looking forward to inculcate the most efficient sense of technology and ... Read More

3D Printing and its future

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jan-2020 06:08:14
What is 3D Printing?3D printing – A future where your printer connected to a desktop is capable of printing a solid object. It’s a process of crafting three dimensional robust objects from a digital file using additive processes. An object is created by positioning consecutive layers of material until the whole object is shaped.It is also known as rapid prototyping, a mechanized method where 3D objects are quickly made on a reasonably sized machine connected to a computer containing blueprints for the object.Although the technology has become popular in recent days, it existed well in the 1980s. Charles Hull in ... Read More

Top Twenty Sites with Free High Resolution Images

Sharon Christine
Updated on 25-Apr-2022 06:49:21
Finding high-quality images which adds visual interest is a daunting task. The major reason as to why photos have become so significant in recent times is because the web pages which include good photos usually get better engagement when shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.All those individuals whose job is to find free images online each day, for them smart move would be having image directory. A free image directory will offer them to have easy and quick access to pictures which not only are relevant but are of high quality and will help in adding more meaning, ... Read More

Things to Know Before You Start a Blog

Sharon Christine
Updated on 21-Apr-2022 12:10:44
Having a blog is a great idea, because you can share anything you like, and if you are wise you can also earn a decent revenue from your blog. This article provides a general awareness of creating your own blog especially for a beginner so as to begin the blogging process.Defining a BlogBlogs are like journals or like a website that an individual posts about what he/she loves or does and want people to know about. Bloggers use them to express their creativity, their knowledge, or their opinion. It also helps in interacting with readers and provides feedback to the ... Read More

Your Website Needs More!

Samual Sam
Updated on 20-Apr-2022 13:21:22
The websites has to be interactive to keep the end user engaged and should lure the users to come back again. If you want to improve your website and make it more customer friendly and interactive, some widgets and tools can be added like blogs, discussion forums, chat engines, feedback module etc. However, if it seems like you do not have any idea how to improve the listing and where to do tweaks and changes, here are some things that might help in adding up sparks on your website.Blogs - Blogs are a great source of information which attracts the readers ... Read More

Difference between Browsing and Surfing

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 04-Aug-2022 07:29:53
When you search the Internet, do you know whether you are browsing the internet or just surfing? Next time you go on the Internet, you may relate to the following points to decide whether you are browsing or surfing. What is Browsing? When people visit a website, they cannot open it without using an online browser. A browser is a program that allows the user to type a search term and reach the source to gain more information. In simple terms, browsing is an act of looking for information and reading about a specific topic with a particular goal or ... Read More

Create a powerful occurrence on the web

Samual Sam
Updated on 09-May-2022 11:06:33
In daily life, web has become something for someone without that they can’t imagine their life. People who are web lover; at once they can live without feeding and using things which are important in everyday life, but they can’t live without using web or can’t breathe without it. It is available 24X7 with consistent care.To make your presence strong on web, it is not enough to just be online, only. No matter what business you are doing, there are too many competitors in this market who are trying hard to call Customers. To strengthen yourself on web, create a ... Read More