Rolltop: A Laptop you can roll

When the German company, Orkin Design had conceptualized the Rolltop in 2009, a laptop that will come with a screen so flexible that it can actually be rolled into a sort of scroll, it had caught the attention (and imagination) of the entire world. The tech company said that it will use flexible OLED and touchscreen technologies to create a cylinder-shaped laptop. The lower part of the screen is used as a keyboard while the upper part becomes a 13-inch display. It can also be rolled into a tablet, or expanded to a full 17-inch monitor with a pull-out support at the back attached to the device.

If their dreams are to be realized, the world can say goodbye to the days of laptops filling up the entire bag with numerous cables for different components. The Rolltop will bring all the components of the laptop down to a single screen that will be wrapped around a central cylinder which will act like the processing unit. The top of the cylinder is a detachable power plug. There will be a carry strap that you can use to sling the Rolltop from your shoulders that will double up as a power cord. The cylinder will also contain connectivity ports like USB ports and LAN ports along with speakers. When the Rolltop is not being used, the screen rolls up into an 11-inch tube. A catch-lock will be incorporated into the top of the cylinder to fasten the roll to itself.

After unlocking the catch, the user would roll out the Rolltop display like a mat. A stylus pen has been incorporated into the body of the panel. When rolled up, Rolltop will be 11 inches (28 cm) long and have a 3.26-inch (8.3-cm) diameter Although it works magnificently as a concept, there are still a few technological flaws that are being ironed out.

Orkin has revealed that they weren’t sure of making Rolltop into a product initially, but the kind of response their concept received made them move ahead with it. The company is now looking for partners/donations to help see this design through to an actual, real-world product.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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