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IoT Waste Management in Smart Cities

Rushi Javiya
Updated on 15-Mar-2023 10:02:40
Introduction More innovative, more efficient, and resource-saving cities are possible with the help of technology and innovation that optimizes existing processes. With a larger population comes a greater and greater quantity of garbage. As a result, there is a great need to enhance waste management practices. Most current methods of garbage collection need to be updated and result in unneeded or late pickups. The annual cost of garbage collection is 70% greater due to unnecessary pickups. How Do Cities Manage Their Waste Currently? The garbage trucks in the city take a set route to pick up and drop off residents' ... Read More

What is plastic pollution and its effect on the environment?

Tejas Charukula
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Plastic pollution is the most hazardous and most impactful pollution on earth. Unnecessary piling up of the plastic waste in the Earth's environment is adversely affecting the wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans. Plastic pollution has its effects on land, water, and air along with plants and animals.The implication for animalsMany times we litter the earth with plastic without knowing the dangers that it can cause to other animals and creatures that also co-exist with us on the same planet. Many animals mistake the plastic that we throw away as food and they eat it. In many cases, it has been ... Read More

Why is waste management such a big problem in most cities across India? Why does northern India have a comparatively poorer cleanliness record than southern India?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 14:27:54
The typical view on Indian streets is piled up garbage in every corner and in some areas, stretching for 50 to 100 meters if not more. Most ordinary citizens who commute across these streets have become used to the ugly sight and the unbearable stink of the contaminating filth. This acceptance of filth and stink all over is the main problem facing the Swach Bharat campaign that the government has initiated.Complaints about the filth and stink are few and far between today even with a national level cleanliness drive underway. Till about three years back the very concept of complaints ... Read More

Is it possible to use recycled plastic waste for road building and if so, will it substantially absorb plastic waste from the environment?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 11:11:17
Recycled plastic or for that matter, any plastic when mixed with the bitumen used to build asphalt roads tend to make the roads stronger and more durable. Considering the total number of roads that are already there and newer roads that will be built in a huge country like India, the total amount of plastic waste generated by the country is way too much to be absorbed entirely in this road building and repairing activity.Hence, building roads with recycled waste plastic can be part of the overall plastic recycling efforts but on its own, it can't absorb all of the ... Read More

Where do waste goes from the ships or boats?

Prasanna Kotamraju
Updated on 06-May-2022 06:31:40
Cruise ships are sometimes carrying 10, 000 and more people on board which amounts to the population of a small town. When they are set for a sail it will be usually 10 days to one month for a commercial ship to touch the land. Meanwhile, they have to take care of food, washing of clothes and disposing of human excreta for that period.Not just human waste, there can be leftover food, bottles, cans, cardboard and everything which has to be handled on the land, has to be handled on the ship too.Where does the waste go from the ships? ... Read More