Best Roadmap for Ethical Hacking (Infographics)

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), commonly called a "White Hat Hacker," is a trained expert who identifies and repairs computer and network security flaws by employing the same techniques and tools used by hostile hackers.

From the beginning of the internet, hackers have utilized their sophisticated tools to take advantage of whatever weak spot they might uncover in a system's defenses. On the other hand, security experts following the ethical hacking roadmap are the good guys trying to patch up IT systems before exploiting them.

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credential from the EC Council is highly regarded and often sought after. The phrase "ethical hacking" was first used in 1995 by John Patrick, a vice president at IBM. Let's look at the basics of ethical hacking and how to get started in the field.

CEH V10 as a Certification

The CEH certification from the EC Council is widely recognized as the gold standard in ethical hacking certification. The most recent hacking methods, tools, strategies, and security measures are discussed, along with emerging security risks and suppliers of sophisticated attacks. The majority of businesses now need CEH Certification for all security-related jobs.

IT security and web experts in today's market may choose to explore an ethical hacking career path. Professionals who have earned the CEH credential make 44% more than their non-certified counterparts, which is just one of many compelling arguments in their favor.

Accreditation Body

The EC Council, or International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, is a nonprofit that offers IT security certifications and is sponsored by its members. Albuquerque, a New Mexico-based EC Council, is well recognized for its Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification and has training locations worldwide.

Eligibility Requirements and Process

The EC Council's Ethical Hacking Roadmap and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) professional path offers two distinct options.

1. Enroll in and complete an official EC Council course at an Accredited Training Center, iClass, or a recognized educational institution. A few necessities are −

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2. Start learning everything you can to get your CEH certification. Among the prerequisites are the following −

Prove that you have worked in the field of information security for at least two years. A $100 application fee for CEH certification eligibility is required.

Visit to apply to take the CEH exam.

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CEH Certification Path

  • Five business days are required to process and mail the application for eligibility. If applicants have yet to hear from the EC Council within a reasonable time, they can contact them directly.

  • You have 60 days to apply.

  • To confirm the applicant's experience, the EC Council will contact their current or most recent supervisor.

  • It is valid for 3-month from the date of purchase. So applicants have plenty of time to schedule their exams.

CEH V10 Exam Format

There are a total of 125 multiple-choice questions in the CEH test. The test lasts four hours, and a passing grade of 70% is required to get the CEH credential. Candidates can make an appointment at a certified VUE Testing Center by visiting the Prometric Prime website. There is no universal code for the CEH Exam used by VUE or online testing facilities.

Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of information security, hacking tools, and tactics, as well as their ability to interpret exploit codes, analyze log files, and convey the results of their work.

Retake Policy

If a candidate fails to pass the test on the first try, they may retake it as often as necessary until success is achieved. To retake a test, a candidate must first submit a request for an Eligibility Voucher at an Authorized Certified Prometric Testing Center (APTC) and then provide a scanned copy of their prior exam result to Retaking the CEH test costs $499, which applicants must additionally cover.

Receiving the Certification

Within eight weeks of completing the exam, the candidate will get the certification and a welcome packet. The applicant must decrypt exploit codes, analyze log files, and deduce output to answer questions on security, hacking tools, and methodologies.

Certification Renewal

To keep the certification, candidates must earn 120 EC Council Continuing Education Credits (ECE) over three years.

CEH Instructors

The EC Council is picky about who gets to teach its courses. Thus seasoned security experts are actively encouraged to enroll in the CEH program. A CEH Instructor must first earn a CEH and then have extensive expertise in the field of Information Security. To become a CEH instructor, you must pass the CEH test and apply to the Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI) form on their website.

Top Benefits of CEH Certification

Specialists in penetration testing often choose to further their careers by earning a CEH certification. No previous certification had focused only on preventing malicious hacking attempts until the introduction of CEH. All facets of IT security, from techniques to ethics, are tested and evaluated for this certification. The average compensation for a CEH is $78,093 per year, as reported by PayScale. Some advantages of becoming CEH-certified are −

The ability to counteract the tactics used by hostile hackers.

Acquired awareness of contemporary threats to computer security.

Improve one's employment prospects.

Training gained through actual use of trade equipment and methods.

Get a different and prestigious designation.

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Training options and job openings in cyber and network security are virtually limitless. All that's needed is someone who can establish their competence. If you believe you have the qualities that it takes to be a top-notch hacker, then a Certified Ethical Hacker is your path.

This article has provided a comprehensive guide on ethical hacking to remove any remaining uncertainty or mystery about the process of earning an ethical hacking certification. Join a professional training program, acquire the knowledge necessary to become an ethical hacker, and then submit an application to take the certification exam. You must put up your best effort and pass the prerequisites to retake the exam.

Updated on: 26-Dec-2022


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