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What Does an MBA Syllabus Look Like?

Anusha Beri
Updated on 31-Oct-2022 07:19:05
Working professionals and recent college grads often choose an MBA. Why is that? A vast range of specialties, prosperous job options, and the luxurious lifestyle we all desire are all available with an MBA. People from various walks of life enroll in this program to advance their careers. But how can you choose the MBA concentration that's best for you? Before selecting a specialism, you should know your professional aspirations and the MBA course outline of all the available MBA programs that could benefit you. The MBA curriculum is created to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the ... Read More

What is Business Analysis and What does a Business Analyst Do?

Anusha Beri
Updated on 31-Oct-2022 07:18:02
There is fierce competition in the market. Therefore, companies wishing to prosper must use all the resources and tools at their disposal. Making wise judgments is essential, and making intelligent decisions requires trustworthy information. Here comes business analysis. In this blog, your introduction to business analysts will cover their characteristics, responsibilities, duties, and how to become one. Those seeking a solid career could have just discovered one, while those operating a business may understand why you need one in your company. Let's begin with learning the definition of business analysis before stepping foot in the realm of a ... Read More

What Are the Entry Requirements for an MBA?

Anusha Beri
Updated on 31-Oct-2022 07:16:44
The Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is one of the world's most desirable postgraduate study programs. India is an appealing destination to complete due to the high number of prestigious MBA programs Whether you're an early-career professional trying to improve your business acumen after earning your bachelor's degree, a mid-career professional looking to move functions, industries, or locations, or an entrepreneur with entrepreneurial ambitions, the MBA curriculum has something for you. The following information will provide you with all the information you need about applying to MBA programs in India, including the required qualifications, MBA entrance exams, and ... Read More

Top 10 Most Effective Business Analysis Techniques

Anusha Beri
Updated on 31-Oct-2022 07:15:39
Business analysis has grown in relevance in recent years due to the development of new tools and processes. Business analysis has contributed to a qualitative leap in business management by giving various businesses and organizations the most remarkable results and solutions. We're here today to look at some of the most effective business analysis techniques and how to utilize them. There are several practical business analysis problem-solving methodologies to pick from. Nonetheless, the methods listed here are the most widely employed, and it's safe to assume that their popularity originates from their success. But, before we get into the real ... Read More

How to Become a Graphic Designer?

Anusha Beri
Updated on 31-Oct-2022 07:14:40
The profession of organizing and generating visual material to express ideas and messages is known as graphic design. Graphic design can be seen everywhere in the digital era, from billboards to cereal boxes to smartphone apps. These designs may impact our perception and emotions by combining many components and ideas. Companies use graphic design to communicate with consumers. Products can be promoted and sold through design, convey messages, and develop brand identities. Despite some commercial purposes in graphic design, Graphic Designers combine art and business, so business goals are part of the creative process. Who are Graphic Designers? Graphic ... Read More

What is Green Marketing Myopia?

Abhishek Sengupta
Updated on 14-Sep-2022 09:06:07
What is Green Marketing Myopia? Green marketing myopia is the failure of businesses to comprehend that consumers care just as much about "what's in it for me?" as they do about "how is this good for the environment?" Perhaps even more so. Outside of eco-friendly product attributes, consumers are driven to items that satisfy their goals and requirements (such improved performance or lower cost). Businesses that entirely or significantly rely on promoting the advantages of natural and organic products without taking into account the immediate benefits to consumers may be setting themselves up for failure. Brands have to ... Read More

What is Marketing Myopia?

Abhishek Sengupta
Updated on 14-Sep-2022 09:04:16
What is meant by Marketing Myopia? Theodor Levitt first proposed the phrase "market myopia" in a marketing report. In 1960, he made the claim that businesses may do more than merely selling their wares in an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review. His key argument was that the marketer should put more emphasis on the requirements and satisfaction of the client than on making sales and filling consumers with their goods. He believed that people were living in the "selling idea, " where the goal was to use a push model rather than a pull model to ... Read More

What is SIVA Model of Marketing?

Abhishek Sengupta
Updated on 14-Sep-2022 09:01:55
What is SIVA Marketing Model? The existence of any business is essentially justified by its customers. Customers can be consumers who buy goods and/or services or business-to-business clients. In a market economy, a business thrives by creating products and providing services that consumers are eager to pay for. Therefore, determining customer demand is essential for a company's future profitability. Nowadays, a lot of businesses are customer-focused (or market orientation). This suggests that the business bases its operations and product development on consumer needs. Companies are better equipped to meet their demands when they adopt a customer-oriented mindset and put ... Read More

What is Event Marketing?

Abhishek Sengupta
Updated on 14-Sep-2022 08:59:37
What is Event Marketing? (with example) Event marketing is the practice of a business sponsoring or participating in an event to promote its goods or services. To build solid bonds with their customers and enhance the brand's reputation, marketing teams organize marketing events as well. Online conferences and open-air seminars are two different types of events. Depending on the marketing objectives of the company, an event's purpose may change. For example, a company could hold a social gathering if it wants to increase client loyalty to its brand. If a company wants to raise brand recognition, it could participate in ... Read More

What is Promotion Mix?

Abhishek Sengupta
Updated on 14-Sep-2022 08:56:42
What is Promotion Mix in Marketing? To accomplish a certain marketing objective, a promotional mix combines marketing strategies such as direct marketing, sales, public relations, and advertising. Usually, the promotional mix is just a small component of the overall marketing mix. You might want to adopt a couple of the strategies or conclude that combining them all might be the best option for your campaign. Elements of Promotion Mix Businesses utilize four primary elements in the classic promotional mix to generate meaning for their service or product and convince the public to buy it − Advertising − Businesses ... Read More