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What is Q-Commerce and its Future in Marketing?

Abhishek Sengupta
Updated on 23-Nov-2022 07:47:10


What is Q-Commerce? In today’s time, people want most things to be lightning fast: be it their internet speed, their coffee at the favourite café, groceries and more. Q−Commerce, or "quick commerce, " is the newest entrant into this fast−paced market, promising to satisfy customers’ demands in 30 minutes or less. The global Q−Commerce market was estimated at $25 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $72 Billion by 2025. The Covid−19 epidemic has played a significant role in this, since it has not only accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises by decades but also transformed customer behaviour, a ... Read More

What is Influencer Marketing for Healthcare?

Abhishek Sengupta
Updated on 23-Nov-2022 07:35:27


What is Influencer Marketing? Before understanding influencer marketing for healthcare, we need to understand what influencer marketing is. In layman’s terms, influencer marketing is promoting something through people with the ability to shape the perception of a brand. These people are called influencers. Over the years, there has been a monumental change in the ways in which people consume media. With this, there has been a change in the ways in which brands use and choose communication channels to reach their audiences. This has resulted in using influencers and celebrities in healthcare communications campaigns as well. A recent trend, healthcare ... Read More

What is Advocacy Marketing?

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Updated on 23-Nov-2022 07:33:02


What is Advocacy Marketing? An efficient marketing strategy that enables people to promote a company's goods and services to their social and professional networks is the peer−to−peer referral. Compared to things they see in commercials; people may be more inclined to buy products they learn about from reliable acquaintances. Advocacy marketing, very simply, is the process of encouraging current consumers to tell others about their good interactions with your business. It encourages your most ardent supporters to raise the profile of your company and hence increase sales. Example 1 Advocacy Marketing by Tesla Tesla successfully mobilised its devoted following to ... Read More

What are the Key Goals and Guidelines in Integrated Marketing?

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Updated on 23-Nov-2022 07:20:19


What is Integrated Marketing? Integrated marketing can be defined as an approach that uses different forms of media to tell a story or convey an idea. Another aspect of it is that it unifies all aspects of marketing communication − such as advertising, PR, and social media − and uses a mix of media, platforms, and tactics to deliver a seamless and customer−centric experience. In practice, this means that integrated marketing adheres to a consistent look, feel and tone to the message across all the channels used. An integrated marketing campaign might start with a TV ad featuring a memorable character, and ... Read More

What are the Digital Marketing Strategies for Non-profits?

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Updated on 23-Nov-2022 07:17:47


Introduction For a non−profit organisation to interact with participants, sponsors, and volunteers, a purposeful internet presence is essential. A coordinated plan is needed for the marketing initiatives if one wants to take full advantage of the digital platforms available. Planning and carrying out a marketing strategy can be difficult for non−profit organisations since they frequently have small teams and limited resources. This tutorial offers instructions on how to design a non-profit’s digital marketing strategy and a summary of the digital tactics that will enable the non-profit organization to connect with more people. Digital Marketing Strategy for Charity and Non-Profit Organizations ... Read More

What is Sports Marketing?

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Updated on 23-Nov-2022 07:10:24


Introduction The sports sector is currently one of the most lucrative sectors. People all throughout the world follow major sports like cricket, football, and tennis in addition to national favourites like baseball, American football, rugby, and other sports. Because of sports, people are willing to spend money on merchandise as well as on trips to watch sporting events. A wide range of consumers are drawn to things that athletes recommend, much like products that stars advocate. A tried−and−true marketing tactic is to advertise items during broadcast athletic events. It is very common for brands to use athletes, players, and team ... Read More

What is Non-profit Marketing?

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Updated on 23-Nov-2022 06:52:29


What is Non-profit Marketing? A non−profit organization's promotional operations are referred to as non-profit marketing. Fundraising and message-focused campaigns are two broad marketing strategies that NGOs utilize. In order to assist the group and its objective, supporters are urged to give money through a fundraising drive. A campaign with a clear message often seeks to increase public knowledge of the non-profit’s goals, such as the issue it hopes to address. Additionally, it might inspire viewers to support its causes by giving money, donating their time, or altering their behaviour. These two campaign kinds can also be used in tandem with ... Read More

What is Evangelism Marketing?

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Updated on 23-Nov-2022 06:41:11


What is Evangelism Marketing? Evangelism marketing, more commonly known as word-of mouth-marketing, uses satisfied consumers to reach new ones. Someone is operating as a "customer evangelist" when they tell others about a new restaurant they like, a pair of shoes that was really comfy, or an honest mechanic. Getting people to suggest your business in a natural and genuine way is difficult. Customers may not become brand advocates for every business. There are many of businesses out there whose offerings are so unremarkable and predictable that they aren't even worth mentioning. In addition, there is no simple method to control ... Read More

What are the 5 Pillars of Social Media Marketing?

Abhishek Sengupta
Updated on 23-Nov-2022 06:39:26

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What is Social Media Marketing? One of the most well−known phrases and platforms for promoting products for both small and large organisations is "social media marketing." There is a significant growth in the number of active mobile social media users as people switch from desktop to mobile surfing. Social media users are growing yearly. Social media is popular because of the entertaining and educational information that is posted there. Users may easily maintain contact with their friends and family through social media. And for that reason, the number of people using social media regularly increases each year. Social media marketing ... Read More

Evangelism Marketing: Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Updated on 23-Nov-2022 06:32:46


Types of Evangelism Marketing It's important to note that the effectiveness of evangelism advertising varies from one business to the next. You may see three examples of traditional evangelical marketing below. Marketing via evangelism of a brand It's a type of marketing called "evangelism" since it involves happy consumers spreading the word about your company and its offerings. Someone who regularly buys Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, 7-Up, Lay's, etc., may be willing to vouch for all of PepsiCo's offerings. The same is true for evangelists of every brand. Chief Marketing Evangelism When satisfied clients advocate for your company to ... Read More