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Top 12 MBA Skills That Employers Look Out For

Anshita Singh
Updated on 11-Jan-2023 14:06:16
In the constantly changing world of market and business, organizations around the globe look out for talented MBA graduates, who have knowledge and skills that can sync with the current market demand. Apart from regular academic skills, employers look for a variety of other skills that would provide an advantage to their firm over other competitors. The various skills and abilities that will help a candidate to become a good MBA graduate include ethics and integrity, passion and purpose, motivation, ambition to chase, and disciplined behavior. Some of the significant skills that a manager looks for in an employee ... Read More

How to Become an Illustrator Specialist?

Gursheen Kaur
Updated on 06-Dec-2022 07:47:20
Are you interested in working in the creative arts, but don't know where to start? If you're looking to become a specialist in the field of illustration, then you must have the right skills. As an illustrator specialist, you'll work with a variety of clients, creating illustrations that range from logos and advertisements to children's books and comics. If you have a passion for art and are capable of working independently, becoming an illustrator specialist may be the right choice for you. It can be very challenging because there are so many areas where one needs to focus on and ... Read More

Cover Letter - How to Create One for a Job Application

Gursheen Kaur
Updated on 06-Dec-2022 07:45:00
A good cover letter is essential when trying to get a job. It can help you stand out from other candidates and it lets the recruiter know what you're looking for in a position. A good cover letter should be short and to the point, but also showcase your skills and experience to make yourself an interesting fit for the role. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps necessary to create the perfect cover letter for any job application. So whether you're looking for a new job or just want to improve your chances of being chosen, this ... Read More

Difference Between Fuzzy Set and Crisp Set

Updated on 29-Apr-2021 06:17:54
In this post, we will understand the difference between fuzzy set and crisp set −Fuzzy SetIt is understood using vague properties.Fuzzy set can have a progressive transition among many degrees of membership.They are generally used in fuzzy controllers.The elements have the ability to be partially included in the set.They are based on infinite-valued logic.They exhibit gradual membership degrees.There is an uncertainty about the set boundaries.Crisp SetIt can be understood using precise and certain characteristics.Here, the transition is sudden, and well defined, not gradual.The element can either be a member of a set or not, no partial ability given.It has a ... Read More

Difference Between 3NF and BCNF

Updated on 25-Mar-2021 06:31:13
In this post, we will understand the difference between 3NF and BCNF.3NFThere shouldn’t be any transitive dependency.There shouldn’t be any non-prime attribute that depends transitively on a candidate key.It is not as strong as BCNF.It has high redundancy.The functional dependencies are already present in INF and 2NF.It is easy to achieve.It can be used to achieve lossless decomposition.BCNFFor any relation A->B, ‘A’ should be a super key of that specific relation.It is stronger than 3NF.The functional dependencies are present in 1NF, 2NF and 3NF.It has low redundancy in comparison to 3NF.The functional dependencies may or may not be preserved.It is ... Read More

Great Service gets Great Rewards

Samual Sam
Updated on 13-May-2022 12:34:30
What would a consumer expect from a product or a service that he had paid for — Quality, Value for Money, and most important of all Satisfaction. Right? But, in today’s cut-throat market, a consumer also expects good, if not excellent, customer service, post the purchase of a product. The quality of service that you get from a manufacturer or a service provider determines whether you would stay loyal to that brand or switch over to something else. In other words, it is the quality of service that determines whether a manufacturer or a service provider can hold on to ... Read More

The 5 Soft Skills that will get you Hired

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 10:31:33
Going for a job interview? So, you are good with technical skills, but what about the soft skills. That one hour of the interview will be totally focused on how you respond to their questions. Landing on a great job opportunity isn’t just about having the technical abilities but also the soft skills. If it did, there’d be little reason for employers to interview job candidates face-to-face.Soft skills are very important in a working environment. Research shows that so-called “soft skills” — your ability to work well with others, communicate clearly and solve problems — matter much more than many ... Read More

Useful Techniques To Identify Your Project Risk

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 17-Jan-2020 12:10:05
Before starting a long journey on your car, isn’t it a general practice to check all the vital components of it? Most of us do check the conditions of important parts like tyres, oil levels, lights, mirrors etc to ensure that they are running in good conditions. But, what is the necessity of doing that? That’s because we want to ensure that at least we will not face any problem on the way just because of our carelessness. But the uncertainty is still there, you never know when any unexpected events left you high and dry on a lonely highway.You ... Read More

The Scrum Ceremonies – Must To Follow

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 17-Jan-2020 10:18:03
On various occasions when we perform some religious activities, we strictly follow all the rituals without any fail. Whether we follow those rituals fearing GOD or due to our faith and devotions towards the GOD, that’s a separate topic to debate. But our common belief says that the rituals must be followed with full sincerity to get the desired blessings from supreme power.Similarly, while following any frameworks, we must follow all of its methods and processes to get the required benefits from it; Scrum is no exception from them. Scrum has certain principles and processes, when followed completely we will ... Read More

Learn English Easy in 2020: Everything You Should Know About Learning English

Swetha Prasanna
Updated on 11-Nov-2019 07:58:05
English is the most common language that we ever come across in our daily lives; be it in media, entertainment, education, profession, travel, and other aspects. It means with good knowledge of English; we can lead our lives better and achieve much more than we do without it.Many of us who fear English would have included learning English in our new year resolutions many times. But, we often neglect to learn English as time passes due to plenty of reasons −Lack of timeFear of being laughed at for speaking wrong EnglishUnaware of the importance of EnglishWell, as career guidance experts ... Read More