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CUID format in SAP BO Server Repository

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:23:53


As per my understanding, CUID is a 35 characters and normally starts with A, B, C, F, K and M. To know formatting of different ID types, you can refer to this:SAP Note: 1285103: What are the different types of IDs used in the BusinessObjects Enterprise repository?CUID: CUIDs are Globally Unique Identifiers that uniquely identify an InfoObject, both within a single CMS cluster and across multiple CMS clusters. Because CUIDs are strings they are less efficient to use and slower to query for. Unlike an object’s ID, an object’s CUID stays the same when it is migrated to a new ... Read More

Fetching monitoring data in an application using SAP FM's

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Updated on 25-Jun-2020 20:45:04


You need to login to XM interface and there is different BAPI’s that you can use to read CCMS data.Function Module:BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_ACKNOWLEDGE BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_GETDETAILS BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETLIST BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTEMPLATE BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTREE You can refer this documentation to know more about Function Modules:SAP XM Interface

In SAPUI5, how two add two icons in StandardListItem

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:27:15


Instead of using StandardListitem, you should use CustomListitem. With use of CustomListitem, you can add any kind of content.As per SAP documentation, CustomListitem has following use:This control with a content aggregation can be used to customize standard list items that SAP doesn't provide. List mode and ListItem type are applied to CustomListItems as well.Note: Even though the content aggregation allows any control, complex responsive layout controls (e.g. Table, Form) should not be aggregated as content.SAP CustomListItemnew sap.m.CustomListItem(sId?, mSettings?)Param Type Default Value DescriptionsId?String ID for the new control, generated automatically if no ID is givenmSettings? Object Initial settings for the new ... Read More

Moving BAPI, Function Module, and Business Object from one SAP system to other

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 08:30:47


This can be performed using Change and Transport system CTS. CTS can be used to move ABAP objects, Java objects in your SAP system landscape.Transport management is one of the key components in SAP system landscape and is used to perform the following activities −Defining Transport Domain Controller.Configuring the SAP system landscape.Defining the Transport Routes among systems within the system Landscape.Distributing the configurationManaging TransportTo open Transport Management System, use T-Code − STMSYou can also refer to this SAP documentation to know more about Change and Transport System −SAP Documentation- CTS

Modifying or Executing SAP jobs using .NET Connector

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


In SAP system, you have an external BAPI that can be called to manage SAP jobs, check this FM: "BAPI_XBP_JOB". You can use BAPI_XBP_JOB* function modules to create/schedule a job to run the query. For more details, you can refer below link − BAPI_XBP_JOB There are various FM’s that can be used to start or stop a job immediately: BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_IMMEDIATELY BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_ASAP And many more.

Checking SAP Business One installation programmatically

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


You can check SAP Business One installation using below code: Public Function isSapBusinesOneClientInstalled() As Boolean Try SAP Business One Application Dim type As Type = Type.GetTypeFromCLSID(New Guid("632F4591-AA62-4219-8FB6-22BCF5F60088")) Dim obj As Object = Activator.CreateInstance(type) Marshal.ReleaseComObject(obj) Return True Catch ex As COMException Return False End Try End Function

Not able to delete Server Intelligence Agent SIA in CMS

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


I think you can delete it from Windows Services. You can use below steps to delete this service. Open Central Configuration manager (CCM) and stop the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) to be deleted. Next is to go to Windows Start > Run and type in "services. MSc" without the quotes and press Enter key. In the Services applet, find the SIA service to be deleted say Server Intelligent Agent (BI40) as shown in first snapshot. Go to Properties of Server Intelligent Agent (BI40) and navigate to “General” tab -> Copy the Service name BOEXI40XXXXX to the clipboard. ... Read More

Creating a Dashboard from Webi Report

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


Yes, you can use Webi report in Dashboard using Web Service URL. You can use that URL in dashboard. To get URL, you need to select table in Webi report -> Right click Publish.

Uploading an excel file in Web Dynpro for ABAP

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Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20


Note that an Excel stores data in number format and to display in date format, you have to show it format as a date. You can also try using this formula: TEXT(31421,"YYYY-mm-dd") and the date should display correctly.

Adding a BCC recipient in Infoview publication

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Updated on 12-Jun-2020 06:11:42


I am not sure if you are running latest BO server or running older version of BOXI service. BCC option is available in later version of Business Objects.Refer SAP Note: 1369269 - Unable to Schedule reports through BCCSymptom − 'BCC" option not available while scheduling reports to email.     Reproducing the Issue − Schedule a report with destination as email.    Environment − Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1    Resolution − The ‘BCC’ option is currently not supported by the product.    As per SAP Note: 1626654 - How do you specify a BCC entry when scheduling documents to email?    Reproducing the Issue    Log on to ... Read More